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    Using mobile camera function, get the geographic (like guide board, house number )which contain the geographic information position image. Through the get text information from image algorithm get text information. Use character recognition system to transform the image information. And get the final text...
    IPCOM000245277D | 2016-Feb-25
  2. 42.
    In Docker, to allow write operation under the premise of OS image unchanged,Docker fetches in AUFS technology: the modification for the read-only layer file or directory will only exist in the upper writeable layer. But, it will lead to too much dependences between layers which will affect the efficiency. To...
    IPCOM000245276D | 2016-Feb-25
  3. 43.
    This article describe an invention idea about a new scheduler architecture which can schedule resources in a multi-resource group environment with high availability and performance.
    IPCOM000245275D | 2016-Feb-25
  4. 44.
    EP 9151508 is an experimental multi-layer effect pigment composed of alternating layers of titanium dioxide and silica deposited onto a natural mica substrate. This multi-layer coating delivers a chromatic, bright blue/aqua interference color. The average particle size of 18 ┬Ám results in a lustrous appearance of the...
    IPCOM000245274D | 2016-Feb-24
  5. 45.
    Disclosed is a stochastic modification of the traditional iterative training approach, which leads to the same or sometimes even better accuracy of acoustic models while reducing the cost of processing large data sets by requiring fewer passes through the training data. The goal is to optimize the model...
    IPCOM000245273D | 2016-Feb-24
  6. 46.
    Disclosed is a system of tools and analytics to improve conference call and web meeting efficiency. The system offers key word or phrase analytics/actions, voice-to-text question and context information, dynamic meeting timing, and monitoring for appropriate meeting attendees.
    IPCOM000245272D | 2016-Feb-24
  7. 47.
    The invention relates to gas turbine engine combustors. Specifically, the invention relates to strain and stress reduction in combustor liners made from ceramic matrix composite (CMC) material.
    IPCOM000245271D | 2016-Feb-24
  8. 48.
    A sub-bandgap reference circuit is capable of providing reference voltages less than the bandgap reference value. Hence it is very useful in low voltage designs. However, sub-bandgap reference circuits have inherent startup problems especially with supply ramp up. In this paper we present a circuit that resolves the...
    IPCOM000245270D | 2016-Feb-24
  9. 49.
    Disclosed is a method of requesting and receiving a photograph based on three parameters: a supplied photograph, Exchangeable Image File (EXIF) data defining the characteristics of the requested photograph, and a description of content that is missing in the supplied photograph and needs to be present in the...
    IPCOM000245269D | 2016-Feb-24
  10. 50.
    Mr Hans Strandell, Senior Technical Manager at Sandvik Process Systems, explains how the company is able to meet the extremely tight tolerances of belt thickness required for the production of filter membranes using a combination of stone grinding and precisely manufactured conveyor drums.
    IPCOM000245268D | 2016-Feb-24