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    Water availability and quality are universally important issues. Fresh water demands are increasing and by 2050 demand is projected to exceed supply by 40%. Attempts to develop passive technologies to supply potable water have been limited and largely unsuccessful. Current technologies are focused on desalination and...
    IPCOM000245267D | 2016-Feb-24
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    Parallel data processing is widely used for dividing the same work among many parallel processes or threads. Multiple instances of a data flow are created (called partitions), each to process some fraction of the overall data set in parallel. By using this technic, ETL tools are able to scale the data flow by...
    IPCOM000245266D | 2016-Feb-24
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    This invention targets to solve a common challenge of generating / maintaining applicaiton recordings/ media for training or supporting or demo purpose. The core idea is to leverage manual /automatic testing to generate and update the recording media automatically. Once planned user scenario/ test cases s for a...
    IPCOM000245265D | 2016-Feb-24
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    Disclosed is a system that examines an Internet-based pattern of knowledge distribution and, over time, ascertains the origins of information obtained by a user, and then utilizes that pattern to influence an activity stream.
    IPCOM000245264D | 2016-Feb-23
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    At present, IC verification can be separated into two levels. One is module (IP) level and the other is SOC level. In this article, "SOC" indicates the chips have a CPU core and can run C programs). Generally, module level uses Verilog or System Verilog to create test cases, and C language is the foundation of SOC...
    IPCOM000245263D | 2016-Feb-23
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    With increasing data rates of wireless communication protocols (LTE, WLAN), more and more digital signal processing is being shifted to hardware accelerators from DSP processors. High data rates also result in high traffic on the SoC internal bus fabrics leading to the need of low bit width data formats wherever...
    IPCOM000245262D | 2016-Feb-23
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    IPCOM000245261D | 2016-Feb-23
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    Compiler construction techniques for the automatic generation of programs analyzing program source text using parser or scanner generators require a mathematically precise definition of syntax rules. Disclosed here is a method to automatically generate analysis programs for text files lacking a formally defined...
    IPCOM000245260D | 2016-Feb-23
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    Disclosed is a middleware proxy with the principal objective of anonymizing Internet use, such as through search engines, and disallowing a third party from knowing the origin of the search.
    IPCOM000245259D | 2016-Feb-22
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    Disclosed are a system, program, and product to make the content management system and the associated user interface (i.e., control system) a dynamic compliance-aware tool. This system, program, and product enforce the standards, guidelines, and policies on the Internet, intranet, and digital content when the content...
    IPCOM000245258D | 2016-Feb-22