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    IPCOM000245257D | 2016-Feb-22
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    IPCOM000245256D | 2016-Feb-22
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    IPCOM000245255D | 2016-Feb-22
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    A method by which automated cars are ordered and moved around a parking lot or garage according to preference and priority of the car owner and constraints of the lot and lot contents.
    IPCOM000245253D | 2016-Feb-22
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    Disclosed is a method and system to automatically update calendar events based on social analytics. Social platforms contain information about individuals that can be accessed and analyzed, and then utilized to determine if a person is able to attend a meeting; the system dynamically updates calendar events based on...
    IPCOM000245252D | 2016-Feb-22
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    Disclosed is a two-part method to charge the computer tablets in smart shopping carts. The method uses electric generator coils in wheels of the cart to produce energy to charge the tablets, and uses a wireless charging technique to charge the smart shopping cart with inductive energy.
    IPCOM000245251D | 2016-Feb-22
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    The drilling system consists of surface software and tools that contain PCBA's and firm ware. Since the firmware updates are asynchronous to the field and there are various versions of test cuts of firmware and surface software, it becomes really critical that the surface software for various tools and the firmware...
    IPCOM000245249D | 2016-Feb-22
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    Once oil is spilt into the environment, it often is recovered using containment booms and mechanical oil skimmers. Current practice is for containment boom to be used to either increase the thickness of oil for skimming operations or to protect/deflect oil from impacting sensitive or important resources. In both...
    IPCOM000245248D | 2016-Feb-22
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    In some cases, especially for power devices, a semiconductor package can't meet its thermal requirement for device performance, even though it already has an Exposed Pad (EP) package design because the EP area is not big enough, as shown in Figure 1. We found that there is some room to improve the thermal performance...
    IPCOM000245247D | 2016-Feb-22
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    In Policy Based Routing (PBR) implementations without route cache, performance depends on preferential treatment for forwarding or termination traffic, which negatively impacts the performance of traffic with lower preference. The lower preferential traffic has to lookup at least two PBR rules and two routing tables...
    IPCOM000245246D | 2016-Feb-22