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  1. 71.
    Techniques are provided to expand a multimedia experience from its initial format on a first device to another format on a second device, such that a storyline from the initial format can be continued in another format on a second device. The content provided on the second device can be generated automatically...
    IPCOM000245244D | 2016-Feb-19
  2. 72.
    Autonomous Collaborative Cabin Service Ceiling Robot System The purpose of the following idea is to enable a cabin service robot system offering passengers cabin services like serving meal and beverages, bringing goods like blankets or headphones, storing hand luggage, collecting waste, etc. The technical system...
    IPCOM000245243D | 2016-Feb-19
  3. 73.
    A method for augmented reality glasses to project overlays without interference of real-world objects. Using a method of Object Recognition, objects seen through the AR glasses can be categorised and mapped. Overlays can therefore avoid being interfered with by having them shift their position based on the...
    IPCOM000245242D | 2016-Feb-19
  4. 74.
    Minority carrier lifetime ("MCL") is a key parameter to characterize the suitability of silicon wafers for solar cell use. High MCLs are a prerequisite to reach high efficiencies, in particular for cell processes aiming for highest efficiencies (PERC, HJT, BJBC etc.). Monocrystalline wafers produced from the...
    IPCOM000245241D | 2016-Feb-19
  5. 75.
    A program is disclosed which talks about driverless emergency vehicle movement in driverless vehicle environment
    IPCOM000245237D | 2016-Feb-19
  6. 76.
    We work with multiple browsers on our device and all browser are capable to coexist together.User often organize browser workspace with the help of creating logical group of web pages using bookmark and open all of them in different window in preferred browser.At some point user needs a better way to organize the...
    IPCOM000245236D | 2016-Feb-19
  7. 77.
    Disclosed is a method to enhance ambulance management system for identification of best hospital based on calculating precise logistic delays and criticalness of patient.
    IPCOM000245235D | 2016-Feb-19
  8. 78.
    A program is disclosed by which in-ride vehicle to vehicle power sharing can be done
    IPCOM000245234D | 2016-Feb-19
  9. 79.
    Calendar helps in keeping track of the activity schedules for a user. It is possible to synchronize calendar activities across multiple (smart) devices and on Web (example: Google Calendar). Can we add additional functionalities to the calendar in an IoT (smarter) environment and profit from it? Hence, this idea....
    IPCOM000245233D | 2016-Feb-19
  10. 80.
    A program is disclosed by which driverless vehicle ecosystem will optimize the road usage layout.
    IPCOM000245232D | 2016-Feb-19