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    Printer platen radius (the distance from a platen's rotational axis to the cylindrical surface) is a critical dimension for platen wear. When the platen radius drops below a certain minimum effective platen radius, it no longer can operate as well and needs to be replaced. A two-tone platen molded from two differently...
    IPCOM000245716D | 2016-Mar-31
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    The method includes using a strip of electronic ink material to be part of the background of the perishable good's barcode. The perishable good's barcode can either be printed over the electronic ink material or displayed by electronic ink material. The strip of electronic ink material should be parallel to the bars...
    IPCOM000245715D | 2016-Mar-31
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    On-demand color printing of labels is a difficult process. Thermal printing colored labels can be done but is typically done by having colored regions preset into the label that are revealed during printing. While this allows for multiple colors on a label, the colors are not on-demand in the sense where the colors...
    IPCOM000245714D | 2016-Mar-31
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    Thermal printers often have the need to drive print media in both a forward and backward direction. Thermal printers are also desired to be capable of dual sided printing or printing on unusual die-cuts. Thermal printers can drive print media through the use of motor driven platens. However, issues can arise in...
    IPCOM000245713D | 2016-Mar-31
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    Described is a method for enhancing the accuracy of the traditional cross-shaped fiducial by adding a small notch on each arm of the cross. This v-shaped notch allows the pick-and-place machine operator to micro adjust the alignment in real time.
    IPCOM000245712D | 2016-Mar-31
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    Disclosed is an article and method for a reader-configurable book (and other electronic media), where the reader may set preferences for vocabulary, grammar, communication style, and plot/theme and ending preferences. The method and associated system effect static or dynamic reader adjustability in the readable...
    IPCOM000245711D | 2016-Mar-31
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    A method and system are disclosed for necrosis/apoptosis enhancement of oncolgic surgery, where cancerous cells of a tumor or tumor mass to be surgically debulked are first killed prior to being removed from within the human body.
    IPCOM000245710D | 2016-Mar-31
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    This article describes how a unique function on a large server would allow a client to accurately pre-plan for resources and time estimate to complete a upgrade. Each large server configuration could be different so this unique function would interrogate each machine uniquely and give the client the specific...
    IPCOM000245709D | 2016-Mar-31
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    Solvent is injected to improve heavy component removal in a FE-LPG extraction process. End flash and/or boiloff gas are recycled to the warm end of the natural gas liquefaction process.
    IPCOM000245708D | 2016-Mar-31
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    The disclosure generally relates to a method of monitoring usage of at least one hand wash dispenser with use of a hand hygiene monitoring system. The method initiates with counting the number of usages or monitoring weight of the at least one hand wash dispenser to determine a count value. Thereafter, the...
    IPCOM000245707D | 2016-Mar-31