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  1. 11.
    A technique for minimizing number of non-actionable SpO2 alarms in care-giving centers is disclosed. The algorithm considers pulse rate and heart rate for determining whether SpO2 saturation level detected is accurate, and whether to call an SpO2 high or SpO2 low alarm. For example, a pulse rate trending within 5-10...
    IPCOM000246052D | 2016-Apr-29
  2. 12.
    A technique for sealing a portable digital X-ray detector for protection from liquid ingression is disclosed herein. When a detector is assembled, there are leakages due to gaps between two parts. The technique described herein involves application of a hydrophobic coating on areas with the gaps. The hydrophobic...
    IPCOM000246051D | 2016-Apr-29
  3. 13.
    A technique for automatic backup and recovery of configuration settings in electrocardiogram (ECG) carts is disclosed. The technique uses storage space available in one sub-system within the ECG cart as backup. For example, a copy of configuration data stored in storage of a main board is communicated and stored in...
    IPCOM000246050D | 2016-Apr-29
  4. 14.
    This disclosure is directed to a new and innovative optimized and reliable cast epoxy interrupter chamber insulator such as used for a high voltage interrupter, for example, as well as to method for its production including a cast in a twofold mold.
    IPCOM000246049D | 2016-Apr-29
  5. 15.
    Several data center applications such as Hadoop and Open-Stack Virtual Machine (VM) provisioning utilize group communication (one-to-many or many-to-many transfers). Since these applications require reliable and stable delivery, they fall back on Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) for all group communications....
    IPCOM000246048D | 2016-Apr-29
  6. 16.
    A method and system is disclosed for providing in-situ interactivity for native advertisements (ads) without interrupting a user's experience of content consumption on a parent web page. When the user clicks on a stream advertisement (ad) unit on a desktop or a mobile web browser, the method and system provides a...
    IPCOM000246047D | 2016-Apr-29
  7. 17.
    Disclosed is a method and system for dynamic mobile shortcut menu based on user behavior. The mobile app is becoming increasingly diversified and complicated, and the UI is often designed with multiple-level menus to support the rich functionality, but sometimes it’ s not easy for the user to find a specific menu...
    IPCOM000246046D | 2016-Apr-29
  8. 18.
    Disclosed is a smart container that assists users in controlling food portion sizes.
    IPCOM000246045D | 2016-Apr-28
  9. 19.
    A new array architecture is described to mitigate the tough requirement to ensure data integrity after a solder reflow (260C, 30s) while achieving MRAM cell size scaling and a low power MRAM. The circuits described below exploits the thermal factor (retention determinant) of the MTJ (magnetic tunnel junction)...
    IPCOM000246044D | 2016-Apr-28
  10. 20.
    A system for efficiently managing bulk material is provided. The description is directed to a portable support structure used to receive three portable containers of bulk material and output bulk material from the containers directly to a receiving hopper. The portable support structure includes a frame for holding...
    IPCOM000246043D | 2016-Apr-28