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  1. 71.
    The present disclosure relates to the preparation and use of microcapsules comprising a capsule core containing at least one UV absorber and a capsule shell that comprises a core surrounding layer of a polyvinyl alcohol and an adjacent layer of a polyoxazoline for protecting human hair and skin against UV radiation,...
    IPCOM000245990D | 2016-Apr-22
  2. 72.
    Multi-core processors are the most viable means to delivering sustainable performance. One of the primary reasons for driving industry towards multi-cores is because of the power wall – the increasing of performance of single processor is being limited by power consumption. State-of-the-art multi-core processors...
    IPCOM000245989D | 2016-Apr-22
  3. 73.
    This is an idea based on smart home concept with the big data analysis that can provide a smarter method to control the electricity appliances via the persons' living habit and customizing. It can reduce the waste of electricity and avoid some accidence. The main concept in this mechanism is using big data...
    IPCOM000245988D | 2016-Apr-22
  4. 74.
    This article describes an idea of making the icon/button touchable which is far from finger. The idea has its advantages comparing to existing solutions. Also we provides the approach and design to realize the idea.
    IPCOM000245987D | 2016-Apr-22
  5. 75.
    This disclosure invented a method for smartly saving attchments in social media into the right save path which greatly saves users' time and also arranges the attachments much better than before for later use.
    IPCOM000245986D | 2016-Apr-22
  6. 76.
    The proposed idea is to deliver the most effective ad according to coming vehicle’s intension and in-vehicle passenger’s profile by cognitive analytics. All potentially pass-through vehicles will be identified first. Each ad will be scored against vehicles and have estimations of intension coincidence by vehicle...
    IPCOM000245985D | 2016-Apr-22
  7. 77.
    Disclosed is a method to prevent hard drive heads from sticking in near end-of-life hardware. The method keeps the hard drive spinning at all times including during a system power-down for maintenance or servicing by incorporating a battery backup into the hard drive.
    IPCOM000245984D | 2016-Apr-21
  8. 78.
    Disclosed is a bi-directional state machine buffer mechanism to process transactions in memory or I/O subsystem hardware in a computer system. Using this mechanism, a single hardware state machine can easily coordinate transactions in different directions and support more complex operations such as byte masked...
    IPCOM000245983D | 2016-Apr-21
  9. 79.
    Described is a method for a real-time information and data exchange between team members. This method is based on the user's eye tracker data processing and synchronizing identified focus content with issued voice commands.
    IPCOM000245982D | 2016-Apr-21
  10. 80.
    The demand for high precision accuracy has led to much advanced innovation over the past few years. High performance analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) that feature outstanding specifications and performance often ignored parameters like linearity, which also should be included in the verification methodology. In an...
    IPCOM000245981D | 2016-Apr-21