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  1. 81.
    Non-linearity of power amplifiers generate output signal frequencies that do not exist in the original signal, resulting in amplitude and phase distortions. A widely used solution to correct signal distortion caused by the power amplifier is Digital Pre-Distortion. The pre-distorter circuit is modeled as a filter with...
    IPCOM000245980D | 2016-Apr-21
  2. 82.
    IPCOM000245979D | 2016-Apr-21
  3. 83.
    IPCOM000245972D | 2016-Apr-21
  4. 84.
    Many industries (e.g., banking, telecom) heavily rely on IT systems to provide business services to huge users. However, lots of IT issues would happen in enterprise IT environments, which not only largely degrades users' satisfactory but also affects enterprises' revenue. In this invention, we propose an...
    IPCOM000245971D | 2016-Apr-21
  5. 85.
    IPCOM000245970D | 2016-Apr-21
  6. 86.
    In many applications, it is needed to train a multi-class model for visual analytics, e.g. image classification, object detection. However, the number of available samples for each class is not evenly distributed, often it is a long-tail distribution and makes the learned model struggle at those classes with few...
    IPCOM000245969D | 2016-Apr-21
  7. 87.
    Most screen-touched devices (smart phone, tablet) are using a changeless and fixed-length password to do authentication. This type of password has its limitations, including shoulder-surfing, dictionary attacks etc. This article provides a new method of a random and flexible-length graphical password. It is more...
    IPCOM000245968D | 2016-Apr-21
  8. 88.
    User could mark content anchor in one Application. The marked anchor could be showed on screen in any Application. User could select the marked anchor to jump to the marked location of the specific Application. The proposed App would provide user interface to show the marked anchor list. Other App could invoke the...
    IPCOM000245967D | 2016-Apr-21
  9. 89.
    Nowadays, instant messaging (IM) tools become more and more indispensable in our daily work and life, since they are real time and efficient. Two problems often happen during discussing topics on IM tools: completeness problem and interactive problem. This article proposes the functions such as hold-on, adding...
    IPCOM000245966D | 2016-Apr-21
  10. 90.
    In modern mobile devices, for example, smart phones and tablet one user could have lots of apps. But the data of these apps are indeed isolated mutually. An mobile app can't access the data of other app. This patent presents an idea called 'friend application'. Through configuration an mobile application can...
    IPCOM000245965D | 2016-Apr-21