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    This publication describes a method for transporting a folded product through a roll-based folding process, where the product is asymmetric about the folding line. Instead of employing a complicated mechanical device, this method uses vacuum zones that match the shape of the outer layer of the product to maintain...
    IPCOM000246339D | 2016-May-31
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    IPCOM000246338D | 2016-May-31
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    Device Drivers are key elements for the correct funtionality of Operating System and devices of different nature. Properly controlling them in a distributed enviroment poses non trivial challanges for the infrastructure administators.
    IPCOM000246337D | 2016-May-31
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    In order to type quickly on a keyboard it is important to learn and know the keys positioning. This is especially important for impaired vision people, who need to remember the position of each key in order to properly use the keyboard. In this case it is not an easy task. In a keyboard typing training systems, it is...
    IPCOM000246336D | 2016-May-31
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    Disclosed is a method of Number of Performed Changes Key Performance Indicator calculations improvement based on changes rework rate.
    IPCOM000246335D | 2016-May-31
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    The present disclosure describes a provisioning application which provides network management and a user interface for provisioning and restoring flexible grid spectral efficient wavelength services, such as in an optical network. The provisioning application presents these complexities to the user in a simple but...
    IPCOM000246334D | 2016-May-31
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    IPCOM000246333D | 2016-May-31
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    In this article, we propose a system that uses real time streaming, data analytics and spatio-temporal technology to determine and predict the spread of the airborne diseases by making use of the locations of the social media posts.A social media post is the activity that is done by an user on a social media...
    IPCOM000246332D | 2016-May-31
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    This invention describes how to use input field meta-data, for example, value limits, to define and implement a comprehensive set of automated tests for Web Services APIs and Application UIs.
    IPCOM000246331D | 2016-May-31
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    Cabazitaxel is a semi synthetic taxoid derivative, used in combination with prednisone for the treatment of patients with castration-resistant metastasis, whose disease progresses after docetaxel treatment. Many solvates of Cabazitaxel have been published in patents. Different solvates may result in different...
    IPCOM000246330D | 2016-May-31