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  1. 91.
    A manikin based ECG rhythm simulator with the ability to provide CPR artifacts to improve CPR training of Advance Life Support, Basic Life Support and lay rescuers, and for use in designing AED user interface.
    IPCOM000246247D | 2016-May-19
  2. 92.
    The present disclosure relates to a method of preventing residues of non-combusted ED95 from depositing on surfaces of a turbocharger of a vehicle by coating the relevant surfaces with a coating having a reduced affinity for ED95 residues. The coating is a thermal barrier coating (TBC) having both thermal barrier...
    IPCOM000246246D | 2016-May-19
  3. 93.
    In this disclosure, we describe a PoW-based cryptocurrency protocol that is designed to allow for parallelism (i.e., forks) in the transaction ledger as well as merges of parallel forks --- and, consequently, scale well. In a nutshell, our new ledger is a directed acyclic graph (DAG) data structure that allows...
    IPCOM000246245D | 2016-May-19
  4. 94.
    A system and method for locating the position of a target in a patient during treatment is disclosed. The system is configured to draw horizontal scale markers on the top of the acquired image and on the side of the probe. The user selects the target such as a point or an area on the image. The system is configured to...
    IPCOM000246244D | 2016-May-19
  5. 95.
    On-wing inspection of aircraft parts is done primarily using 2D image information, which is insufficient for assessing most defects. The invention describes a borescope with holographic testing capability for inspection of aircraft engines. The holographic borescope uses two laser beams, one to illuminate the...
    IPCOM000246243D | 2016-May-19
  6. 96.
    An imaging device that includes perovskite material is disclosed. The imaging device includes a substrate, a thin film transistor (TFT) array and a photodiode. The photodiode includes an AMX3-type (perovskite) material. In particular, the perovskite material is an AMX3-type organometallic perovskite material. The...
    IPCOM000246242D | 2016-May-19
  7. 97.
    This invention solves the problems that user can's use the multiple credentials(username and password) to login an application at the same session for managing the different resources
    IPCOM000246241D | 2016-May-19
  8. 98.
    More and more enterprise infrastructure systems are moved into a cloud environment, which consists of hardware, network, management software, application, etc. Identifying root cause from a failure case in such a complex environment is a headache to most operation teams. This article describes an appratus to...
    IPCOM000246240D | 2016-May-19
  9. 99.
    Cloud provider generally deliver their specific cloud release, and such release will be deployed and operated on global datacenters for different customers with customization required. To manage such customization is a big challenge especially on deployment and operation. This article describes a way to ease such work
    IPCOM000246239D | 2016-May-19
  10. 100.
    This invention discloses a new system and method to generate real-time layout of wireless access points for mobile users based on multiple-device collaboration. Wireless receiver collects signal identifier, strength, encryption, network type(telecom operator) nearby. Mobile device broadcasts a request to other...
    IPCOM000246238D | 2016-May-19