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  1. 101.
    The proposed idea is to improve usability with text editing. The methodology is a text filtering and categorizing based on text properties and customizable filter constraints. This method can edit the texts with the same properties in one edit, instead of editing them one by one. The idea can quickly and easily select...
    IPCOM000246237D | 2016-May-19
  2. 102.
    Thin films of silver are often used to lower the emissivity of surfaces of transparent materials, such as a pane of glass in a window, skylight, door, etc. The silver layer is not typically deposited in isolation, however. Other layers (normally made from metals, metal oxides, metal nitrides, or metal oxynitrides)...
    IPCOM000246236D | 2016-May-18
  3. 103.
    [0001] The present disclosure provides a composite article comprising a plurality of lignocellulosic pieces, a plurality of fibers, and a binder component. Each of fibers has a width to length aspect ratio of at least 1:100. The plurality of fibers maintains orientation of the plurality of lignocellulosic pieces...
    IPCOM000246234D | 2016-May-18
  4. 104.
    One of the important factors of the data warehouse performance is the hard disk scan speed. The disks are usually the bottleneck of the whole system. Sue to fact that the modern data warehouses contain hundreds of disk in each system quite common problem met by end user is that one or few of the disks start to read...
    IPCOM000246233D | 2016-May-18
  5. 105.
    The main idea is to provide additional database processes responsible for analyzing table and column usage and re-organizing table structure. Basing on analyzer output re-organizer process performs table re-organization like column join or split stored into new columns. Such created new columns are used when database...
    IPCOM000246232D | 2016-May-18
  6. 106.
    This article describes a method for resolving speak conflicts during teleconferences and notifying participants about order of speak.
    IPCOM000246231D | 2016-May-18
  7. 107.
    This article describes a method that can be used to help technicians to identify broken disk dirive to be replaced in situation when the disk is one of 100s disks in a chassis. The article also describes complete replacement procedure that is using the new disk identification and helper smartphone app that technician...
    IPCOM000246230D | 2016-May-18
  8. 108.
    When extracting data from SAP BW it is easy to unknowingly select members which cause the extraction to return no data. The algorithm disclosed can identify this situation and state which members caused it.
    IPCOM000246229D | 2016-May-18
  9. 109.
    A method to transpose clickable objects inside a document into a metadata information to be attached to the picture when a screenshot is taken for a specific document area
    IPCOM000246228D | 2016-May-18
  10. 110.
    Ambient-sensitive to-do lists described in prior art suffer from limited ability to propose workitems that would be optimal, given the current environmental conditions. This article discloses a method that improves the way to determine the most suitable workitems in ambient-sensitive to-do lists.
    IPCOM000246227D | 2016-May-18