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  1. 111.
    IPCOM000246226D | 2016-May-18
  2. 112.
    This article describes a method to use a module to check whether email recipients can access the content pointed by an URL(Uniform Resource Locator) in an Email. If any recipient can not access the URL, the module will help sender to replace the URL with real content or put the content to a temporary server and then...
    IPCOM000246225D | 2016-May-18
  3. 113.
    Disclosed is a method for enhancing QA systems performance by identifying focus and attention areas of the user in the presented content using eye tracker data analyzer. Method analyzes focus area content in the context of the current search and generates query extensions to enhance the search ranking, and...
    IPCOM000246224D | 2016-May-17
  4. 114.
    Terms that refer to concepts within text are often more terse than what is required to identify the referent concept unambiguously. Referring spans often contain only enough information to enable a human reader to identify the relevant concept when combined with the surrounding context and the reader’s background...
    IPCOM000246223D | 2016-May-17
  5. 115.
    A network adapter/network interface controller is described with onboard Software Defined Network (SDN)-driven packet processing capabilities that can be controlled from a host Operating System (OS). A physical network adapter component is a device with any number of network ports feeding into a high-speed packet...
    IPCOM000246222D | 2016-May-17
  6. 116.
    Disclosed is a method and system to use ultrasonic technology to transmit a silent vehicular horn sound (i.e., honk) to a targeted receiving vehicle or mobile device.
    IPCOM000246221D | 2016-May-17
  7. 117.
    The invention proposes a system and method to obtain redundancy in modular multi-level converter (MMC) based power systems. Upon detection of failure of one cell, the arm current in the affected arm is ramped down within a few hundred microseconds and shortly shifted to the parallel connected MMCs. Concurrently, the...
    IPCOM000246220D | 2016-May-17
  8. 118.
    Disclosed is a system and method that provides feedback to runners regarding potential hazards on the upcoming trail.
    IPCOM000246219D | 2016-May-17
  9. 119.
    Described is a method of reducing the time it takes for a user to scan through social media news feeds through the use of user defined preferred and non-preferred sources.
    IPCOM000246218D | 2016-May-17
  10. 120.
    Described is a new method and system for disseminating and comprehending technical information for an enterprise product or solution.
    IPCOM000246217D | 2016-May-17