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  1. 121.
    This disclosure describes a heatsink with design features that permit easy installation and removal. The design features help ensure appropriate orientation and location of the heatsink in a larger system. The design features include a handle oriented transverse to an air flow direction in a system in which the...
    IPCOM000246216D | 2016-May-17
  2. 122.
    Disclosed is an option for a system to provide the user with on-screen activity-driven recommendations in the form of a passive visualization. This solution enables an application to notify users of content that is outside the capabilities of the main interface, but is relevant that user.
    IPCOM000246215D | 2016-May-17
  3. 123.
    Boron in produced and flowback water can prevent or complicate reuse in future hydraulic fracturing jobs by over-crosslinking borate-guar based fluids. Boron exists in water as borate, a common cross-linker used to build viscosity in frac fluids. This system details the novel process of adding glucosamine to boron...
    IPCOM000246214D | 2016-May-17
  4. 124.
    Produced water usually represents a waste product in the petroleum industry, which typically contains hydrocarbons from oil and inorganic salts. Treatment of produced water may be required in order to meet pre-disposal regulatory limits or to meet beneficial use specifications. To develop a practical and cost...
    IPCOM000246213D | 2016-May-17
  5. 125.
    The idea is to send a wave down the hole from surface – either hydraulically through the annulus mud column, or through the string mechanically. This wave would travel downhole with known speed, will be reflected at a reflector, and travel back. The travel time is measured and with travel speed the reflection depth...
    IPCOM000246212D | 2016-May-17
  6. 126.
    Disclosed are the workings of a cognitive actuarial agent. In partnership with auto insurance providers, it interfaces with wearable devices to collect and interpret data in order to understand user states and abilities, and then make recommendations as to whether it is safe to drive; unsafe conditions might...
    IPCOM000246211D | 2016-May-17
  7. 127.
    A method for applying learning algorithms to multi-site geographically dispersed (probably worldwide) cloud environments. The learning approach draws from information sources internal to the cloud as well as external factors not generally considered by todays cloud optimisation routines. The result is the new...
    IPCOM000246210D | 2016-May-17
  8. 128.
    The invention provides an improved CT scanner having an improved detection beam focus. The design includes a swiveling X-ray tube, a sliding X-ray detector, and a rotating ring, to modify the detection beam to reduce the radiation at the outer axial border of this beam.
    IPCOM000246209D | 2016-May-17
  9. 129.
    The invention provides a height adjustable infant incubator with hydraulic lift mechanism. The hydraulic lift mechanism is similar to the mechanism used in hydraulic automobile jacks, and is incorporated between a base and a patient platform of the infant incubator, to provide adjustable height positioning of the...
    IPCOM000246208D | 2016-May-17
  10. 130.
    Techniques for improving the vacuum conditions in negative hydrogen ion medical cyclotrons, including installing getter modules close to the ion source or inside the acceleration chamber are presented. The getter modules absorb or adsorb neutral hydrogen introduced into the ion source. This is preferably done close to...
    IPCOM000246207D | 2016-May-17