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  1. 131.
    The invention provides a method for adjusting audio volume level based on the a mode of operation of an ultrasound device, the environmental and the venous speed according to predefined user preferences for each mode of operation.
    IPCOM000246206D | 2016-May-17
  2. 132.
    A technique of modifying conventional phantom design so as to include more and smaller spheres in the phantom is disclosed. The modified phantom design includes spheres at same sizes and locations as those in conventional phantom design. The technique includes three dimensional (3D) printing of phantoms and components...
    IPCOM000246205D | 2016-May-17
  3. 133.
    A method and system for thermal control of micro-environment of an infant support in the interior of an incubator is disclosed. The system senses difference conditions of micro-environment in the interior of the incubator and ambient conditions and activates air curtain by controlling fan speed accordingly. The system...
    IPCOM000246204D | 2016-May-17
  4. 134.
    Disclosed is a system called Transient ACL Service, which generates temporary access codes to delegated users. The transient code automatically provides the delegated user with the same access as the delegator (i.e., person who generated the code) so that the delegate can perform tasks on certain systems or documents...
    IPCOM000246203D | 2016-May-17
  5. 135.
    Disclosed is a system and method by which an automobile can perform verification of whether the driver is carrying a valid license by reading and authenticating the validity of the license. The same concept can be applied to verify whether the driver has automobile insurance, is carrying credit cards, passports, or...
    IPCOM000246202D | 2016-May-17
  6. 136.
    Disclosed is a method and system to enable food service establishments to maintain standardization of meal costs and nutritional content while allowing the customer to select ingredients to suit individual tastes. The method uses individualized scales for each ingredient in conjunction with a computerized system for...
    IPCOM000246201D | 2016-May-17
  7. 137.
    The invention proposes a system and method for monitoring the level of oxygen in air mixed with diluent or exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) for better regulation of air-fuel ratio in the fuel system using. The oxygen is monitored using one or more sensors at the intake chamber, where the EGR and air-fuel mixture are...
    IPCOM000246200D | 2016-May-16
  8. 138.
    Presented herein is an automatic method for synchronizing subtitles to correctly fit a video program, taking into account time offsets, scaling factors and skips. This can be based on synchronizing one subtitle file to fit another which is known to match the video, or even to match the subtitle file directly against...
    IPCOM000246199D | 2016-May-16
  9. 139.
    Disclosed is a method to perform secured actions in the context of the Internet of Things, where 'things' are represented here by 'agents'. The actions are executed by an autonomous agent when an environmental condition based on trigger agent states becomes true.
    IPCOM000246198D | 2016-May-16
  10. 140.
    A zero false positives invention based on Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) for finding weak SSL/TLS hostname verifiers. We first instrument the target application on several key areas. Using the instrumentation, we detect that the target app does not use the default hostname verifier, and also...
    IPCOM000246197D | 2016-May-16