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  1. 141.
    A ROP attack relies on the 'return address on stack architectures' where the control flow of an application can be rerouted by changing the return addresses on the stack. When the execution of a callee procedure is done, a return instruction is executed and the return address is fetched from the stack to return to...
    IPCOM000246196D | 2016-May-16
  2. 142.
    In this disclosure, a method is proposed to help elders to browse news from internet more easy when the buzzwords are using by young man but it's hardly for older to understand. The method will automatic prompt the normal word when the buzzwords in the context . It will help elders to read more easy when some ...
    IPCOM000246195D | 2016-May-16
  3. 143.
    We raise one much more precise image search method based on image characters, and it will largely satisfy users' specific searching requirements on specific characters' images.
    IPCOM000246194D | 2016-May-16
  4. 144.
    This article introduces systematic method to make smart decision about array rebuild type when disk fails. It will decrease the impact of rebuild on I/O performance significantly and decrease the likelihood of impacting availability or reliability under condition of disk failure. It incorporates machine learning and...
    IPCOM000246193D | 2016-May-16
  5. 145.
    Conference calls are widely used in business communication, but the effect is not satisfying if the speaker is sitting far away from the phone. The disclosure aims to solve this problem by eliminating noise, identifying everyone's voice using the voiceprint recognition system, and amplifying all the voice to the...
    IPCOM000246192D | 2016-May-16
  6. 146.
    The disclosure discloses a hybrid system including a scale out and a scale up cluster, which aims to accelerate computation in mapreduce framework. The advanced JobTracker arranges mapreduce task according to the estimation of its input/output data size and how critical it is. The scheduler tends to put critical...
    IPCOM000246191D | 2016-May-16
  7. 147.
    IPCOM000246190D | 2016-May-15
  8. 148.
    Incorporating inorganic filler particles to polymers is a common practice to reduce the permeability to gases, vapors, and liquids3. However, the resulting composites usually suffer from increased densities, due to the significantly higher density of the added inorganic fillers. Incorporating 3M™ glass bubbles (GB) to...
    IPCOM000246189D | 2016-May-13
  9. 149.
    IPCOM000246188D | 2016-May-13
  10. 150.
    System and method for using power rail sequencing for enabling hidden features within a commercially available application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) are disclosed. The system and method are configured to adding specific voltage levels and timing for providing multiple patterns of power rail sequencing at each...
    IPCOM000246187D | 2016-May-13