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  1. 161.
    IPCOM000246176D | 2016-May-13
  2. 162.
    Disclosed is a dynamic method of mashing up data from multiple data sources at runtime in a decision table of a Business Rules Management System. This eliminates the need to pre-populate decision table data at the time of rule authoring and to maintain it as the data in the underlying source changes.
    IPCOM000246174D | 2016-May-13
  3. 163.
    Disclosed is a system and methods to apply business compliant rules in the form of standard Application Programming Interface (API) calls/system commands in order to automatically orchestrate a user’s (i.e., employee or organization member) events in relation to the associated applications. A core system translates...
    IPCOM000246173D | 2016-May-13
  4. 164.
    Disclosed is a method and system for improving the time utilization of a caller/employee who is on hold waiting for support service during work hours. Using voice recognition and natural language processing technologies to identify active conversation, the system implements a mediator function, which places the...
    IPCOM000246172D | 2016-May-13
  5. 165.
    This methodology is to use the variation in surface applied pressure to the Control System inside the Riser / BOP (Blow Out Preventer) Stack on the seabed via the Choke, Kill or Booster line to send commands to the tool with the potential to respond in a similar manor back to the surface for status update.
    IPCOM000246171D | 2016-May-12
  6. 166.
    In a gas turbine engine, a bushing for a variable stator vane is made of two pieces and incorporates a self-lubricating material. The bushing can be substituted for a conventional one-piece bushing.
    IPCOM000246170D | 2016-May-12
  7. 167.
    Described is a method for monitoring latency bands between transactions and obtaining outlier trace.
    IPCOM000246169D | 2016-May-12
  8. 168.
    A means of distributing messages efficiently to messaging endpoints using fuzzy hashcode caching
    IPCOM000246168D | 2016-May-12
  9. 169.
    The described method provides a way to protect the crucial data from IT devices like laptop, server in case of fire & flood, by making use of water/fire proof chamber to protect the flash storage. The in-built circuit breaker helps in disconnecting the flash storage and protects it from short circuits & carrying...
    IPCOM000246167D | 2016-May-12
  10. 170.
    Based on user online activity and when he is travelling and he is listening to radio and he is infront of a bill boards which matches with his previous action, there will be dynamic bidding by competitive billboards to play the same advertisement in the radio to capture user attention and greater impact. Also if...
    IPCOM000246166D | 2016-May-12