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Month of May 2016 - Page Number 18

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  1. 171.
    The present article relates to the feasible solution, how companies can find the right candidates for the right job in trending social networking sites. This method processes list of jobs based on the applicant social posts and communities they follow. Current method also gives relative job search results, so...
    IPCOM000246165D | 2016-May-12
  2. 172.
    Smart yoga from smart phone
    IPCOM000246164D | 2016-May-12
  3. 173.
    System and Methods to effectively manage IM notifications based on analyzed criteria focusing on endusers requirements.
    IPCOM000246163D | 2016-May-12
  4. 174.
    Prevention of diseases by knowing the body symptoms the smart phone
    IPCOM000246162D | 2016-May-12
  5. 175.
    The disclosure suggests a bidding process where delay is being rewarded and deliver now is being charged as premium, where difference in both can be vendor profit. If buyer agrees for delay with reward it is fine else that good goes for normal delivery. Another case suggested is, for the returned goods. From the...
    IPCOM000246161D | 2016-May-12
  6. 176.
    Relative Calling System to allow the user to receive only selected calls based on collaboration, context and configurations.
    IPCOM000246160D | 2016-May-12
  7. 177.
    The system described in this publication shows a mechanism to preserve structured data in a critical legal eDiscovery process.
    IPCOM000246159D | 2016-May-12
  8. 178.
    In today's era, real-time communication has become the need of the hour especially when organizations have global reach and presence across many different countries and continents. Organizations require to be able to get their employees interact not only with each other but also provide a way to reach out to...
    IPCOM000246158D | 2016-May-12
  9. 179.
    Flexibility to print different sections from multiple documents as per relevance of the contents in the neighborhood of the searched keyword. Relevance criteria could be defined by the user while printing or could be based on context analysis. User will be able to print a combination of paragraphs and lines...
    IPCOM000246157D | 2016-May-12
  10. 180.
    Disclosed is a system which enables the user to share his journey with a co-passenger. The proposed system is able to aggregate contacts across multiple social media apps like facebook, viber, chaton, whatsapp, instagram, GooglePlus as well as the mobile device's phone book. From the contacts thus aggregated and...
    IPCOM000246156D | 2016-May-12