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  1. 181.
    A method to allow the Recruiters or Researchers to find a location specific analysis of the Job-boards, and the Social networking sites so that healthy candidates can be shortlisted. Proposed system would allow the user to select a location and thereby responds with job boards specific to the location, and an...
    IPCOM000246155D | 2016-May-12
  2. 182.
    System to enforce defensible disposition of legal documents after defined retention period
    IPCOM000246154D | 2016-May-12
  3. 183.
    Method for building and automatically forwarding semantically related files across multiple compressed attachment
    IPCOM000246153D | 2016-May-12
  4. 184.
    With almost all the organization and enterprises currently having global presence and distributed workforce, it is the need of the hour to provide various real time communication tools powered by Analytics to utilize the resources with less hassles. The real time communication software must provide an ability for...
    IPCOM000246152D | 2016-May-12
  5. 185.
    Method to perform actions on the analyzed notifications generated from IM alerts set against users name by different contacts.
    IPCOM000246151D | 2016-May-12
  6. 186.
    System and method to advise users through event based sanitization of user content on messaging applications
    IPCOM000246150D | 2016-May-12
  7. 187.
    The process of diagnosis of a patient involves analysis of several factors such as symptoms and external attributes known to the doctor at the point of diagnosis. These are • Symptoms • Medical History of the patient • Allergy and Immunization details of the patient • Patient geo location and...
    IPCOM000246149D | 2016-May-12
  8. 188.
    Training materials are spread over digital media including articles and videos delivered through the internet. Online training makes it very convenient for enterprises to broadcast their training content, often with interactive quizzes to get the feedback from readers. Content and the questions are rarely...
    IPCOM000246147D | 2016-May-12
  9. 189.
    This article presents a new method of refined individual preference template management, integrated with real time sentiment analysis and biometric analysis inputs, for enhancing customized translation assistant
    IPCOM000246145D | 2016-May-12
  10. 190.
    Disclosed is a method to make Through Silicon Vias (TSVs) that allow the wafer to be processed at full strength (without TSVs) until the end of the processing, which in turn reduces the breakage rate. The approach is to make TSVs after the Back-End-of-Line (BEOL) process, which allows the TSVs to fully land on the...
    IPCOM000246144D | 2016-May-11