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    Disclosed is a method for managing fixed-sized memory blocks within a software system in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs when the future needs of the blocks is unknown. The method and process use pointers in the system to track block usage; when the system needs the block again, a block allocator...
    IPCOM000246319D | 2016-May-30
  2. 22.
    A fuel injector test apparatus includes an LED, a control circuit, and a locking plug assembly. The locking plug assembly engages with an engine control unit (ECU) wire harness that is removably electrically coupled to an electronic fuel injector. In use, the fuel injector is de-coupled from the ECU, and the test...
    IPCOM000246318D | 2016-May-27
  3. 23.
    The invention proposes a method for improving fatigue and fretting strength of serrated surfaces in a reciprocating engine connecting rod by laser shock peening. The laser shock peening method is used to impart compressive stress into the serrated region of the engine connecting rod. The laser beam bombards the...
    IPCOM000246317D | 2016-May-27
  4. 24.
    A device to control the operation of the valve timing device in an IC engine is disclosed. The invention introduces a hydraulically connected chamber with variable pressurized volume in the timing mechanism. A plunger on which the valve stem bears through a spring is configured to move up and down with variation in...
    IPCOM000246316D | 2016-May-27
  5. 25.
    The invention proposes a system and method for implementing a startup algorithm for a solar power inverter. The system is configured to update the geographic data and determine sunrise and sunset time using a logic algorithm. The logic system is programmed to close the main DC switches with a set time period after...
    IPCOM000246315D | 2016-May-27
  6. 26.
    The invention proposes a system and method for implementing ground fault detection algorithm for a solar inverter with a single ground fault detection circuit. The ground fault detection circuit comprises a single ground with fuse and resistors of appropriate rating. The algorithm is triggered with the detection of...
    IPCOM000246314D | 2016-May-27
  7. 27.
    The invention proposes a system and method for costing and prioritizing defects. In the first step, the method involves creating a database comprising all reported defects. In the second step, experts are used to assign a value in dollars to each defect in the database. In the third step, the valued defects are placed...
    IPCOM000246313D | 2016-May-27
  8. 28.
    Disclosed is a method and system to restrict contact identity establishment and contact merge to an OAuth authenticated Application Programming Interface (API) in order to securely identify and merge contacts across various communication channels.
    IPCOM000246312D | 2016-May-27
  9. 29.
    This disclosure describes a statistical anomaly detection method for leak detection in risers and pipelines. The method is selected to deal with a variable background acoustic signature present on risers and a variable nature of the acoustic signatures of leaks themselves. The anomaly detection method models a nominal...
    IPCOM000246311D | 2016-May-27
  10. 30.
    In this improvement it is proposed to combine pumpjet/nozzle type technology to the RudderPod (trademark by ABB Oy) principle where the rudder is integrated into the pod hull structure. Integration means both hydrodynamics and structures. The structures can physically integrated or apart, whichever is beneficial...
    IPCOM000246310D | 2016-May-27