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  1. 61.
    Presented herein is a method to throttle the performance of a server based on the server's workload and the power supply unit (PSU) condition, which can achieve a better balance between power and performance. When some servers are working at peak power, a central throttle unit (CTU) will throttle some of the other...
    IPCOM000246278D | 2016-May-23
  2. 62.
    A method is provided to backup, restore, and deploy a given set of installed software, user data, connectivity information, and device configuration. The backup can create an archive (above) on bootflash or backup to a remote server. The restoration and deployment can be done as part of a PowerOn Auto Provisioning...
    IPCOM000246277D | 2016-May-23
  3. 63.
    A method is disclosed for measuring and recording the light shining upon a vehicle throughout the duration of a journey. The recorded light levels for roads can be applied to further routing decisions according to preference, allowing users to choose routes that contain the most lit sections for safer driving...
    IPCOM000246276D | 2016-May-23
  4. 64.
    Disclosed is a method for thermal- Red-Green-Blue (RGB) image alignment.
    IPCOM000246275D | 2016-May-23
  5. 65.
    Disclosed is a cognitive comfort cloud, designed to regulate heating and cooling systems based on the profiles of the current room occupants.
    IPCOM000246274D | 2016-May-23
  6. 66.
    Disclosed is a smart refrigerator that is equipped with cameras and sensors to collect data about the contents of the items in the refrigerator. The system analyzes the data and then provides the user with a recommended shopping list, recipes, etc.
    IPCOM000246273D | 2016-May-23
  7. 67.
    Accurate modeling of the sensor measurement errors is one of the most critical tasks in the design of navigation systems. The number of states being estimated by a statistical estimator depends on the specific sensor model. Low cost sensors such as MEMS need separate modeling and estimation of states for static and...
    IPCOM000246272D | 2016-May-23
  8. 68.
    Currently all item display model on mobile device are based on 2D, we need to move the screen by finger slipping frequently, it is hard to find what you want in an efficient way. We need different content display theme based on time and location, and there is no such method to display automatically and there is no a...
    IPCOM000246271D | 2016-May-23
  9. 69.
    The proposed idea is to speed up the video seeking in streaming video. Becasue online streaming video viewing is always suspended when video seeking. The disclosure proposed a method to improve the speed by comparing the key frame with the buffered ones. If there are similar key frames, we can adopt it to speeding up...
    IPCOM000246270D | 2016-May-23
  10. 70.
    The idea is to describe how to automatically deploy monitoring agents for dockerized application. In this idea, it will provide one new parameter (example: -monitoring) when User run the 'Docker Load' command, and with this parameter, Docker engine will apply one additional pre-defined monitoring layer to the docker...
    IPCOM000246269D | 2016-May-23