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  1. 81.
    This article presents a method/system of seat assigment. User could be recommended with a seat with neighbours he'd like to sit with by integrating with cyber credits. Users' interests/friends/knowledge/business and other information can be retrieved from the social applications. And a seat is recommended/assigned...
    IPCOM000246258D | 2016-May-20
  2. 82.
    In a multicultural society, it's important to become a quick learner and adapt to the diversification of surrounding cultures as soon as possible. The following problems are becoming our common concern: 1. If you are shopping overseas, not familiar with the language, it might be very hard for you to select the store,...
    IPCOM000246257D | 2016-May-20
  3. 83.
    Disclosed is a system and method to calculate a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for complex IT environments. This solution equips IT teams with a system and method to pro-actively react to/prepare for future unfortunate events and reduce or eliminate the negative impact to the...
    IPCOM000246256D | 2016-May-20
  4. 84.
    Disclosed is a method and system for determining a snapshot of a user's social digital exposure for security purposes. The analysis of a user’s social media presence provides evidence of the user's personal visibility on social media and helps users manage social digital exposure and avoid unwanted social digital...
    IPCOM000246255D | 2016-May-20
  5. 85.
    Disclosed is a method and system to automatically manage the configuration of computerized systems within a vehicle to increase the security and safety of the vehicle. Along with driverless technologies, the unique approach applies traditional information technology (IT) control systems to vehicles.
    IPCOM000246253D | 2016-May-19
  6. 86.
    Probing solution are usually deployed between SGW/PGW (SGSN/GGSN), thus not getting the dedicated VoLTE traffic, but all data generated by customer devices. The main requirement, put by customer, is to account for all transaction made by user device and product KPIs, which can help to outline customer experience,...
    IPCOM000246252D | 2016-May-19
  7. 87.
    Disclosed is a system and method for utilizing real-time cultural analysis against streamed voice data from support phone calls to detect problems in product design and open problem reports to improve product quality.
    IPCOM000246251D | 2016-May-19
  8. 88.
    IPCOM000246250D | 2016-May-19
  9. 89.
    Real-time monitoring of patient's respiratory parameters, including respiratory compliance/resistance and the inspiratory efforts in patient under mechanical ventilation offers invaluable information for the clinician to tailor ventilation strategy and settings. Several non-invasive respiratory parameter estimation...
    IPCOM000246249D | 2016-May-19
  10. 90.
    The present disclosure relates to a method of preventing residues of non-combusted ED95 from depositing on surfaces of a turbocharger of a vehicle by coating the relevant surfaces with a coating having a reduced affinity for ED95 residues. The coating is a hydrophobic or super-hydrophobic ceramic coating. Turbocharger...
    IPCOM000246248D | 2016-May-19