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    Using a solution detecting sensor (to detect either water or other liquid) or touch sensors embedded into the body of the scanner the scanner can detect if and when it has been cleaned by the operator. That detection can be used by an application, by host software, or by Remote Scanner management software to ensure...
    IPCOM000246792D | 2016-Jun-30
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    A system for deployment of ESP systems in a thru-tuning arrangement by splitting the motor stator and rotor whereby the stator is permanently deployed in the production tubing string (with traditional ESP cable to surface) and the motor rotor stack is deployed and stabbed into the stator whilst connected to the ESP...
    IPCOM000246791D | 2016-Jun-30
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    Idea to take the comms-on-power system used to take data from a downhole ESP gauge and reverse the concept to allow the same method of data transmission to be used to send instructions from the surface to a downhole tool or actuator. However, if it can be made to work for this, there should be no reason why it could...
    IPCOM000246790D | 2016-Jun-30
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    Described is an efficient way to construct product structural corners in such a way to mitigate discontinuities at the joining surfaces in an extremely compact fashion. The key is to project geometry to straddle the given corner joints.
    IPCOM000246789D | 2016-Jun-30
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    Described is a way to add weight/ballast to an electronic rack cabinet both easily and in increments so that the exact amount can be added to any given configuration of contents within the cabinet.
    IPCOM000246788D | 2016-Jun-30
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    Organosolv and alkali lignin were incorporated into aromatic polyester polyols (APP) produced from recycled feedstocks. The recycled materials largely comprised recycled PET sources. Incorporation of organosolv lignin into the APP was facile; up to 25 wt.% of the organosolv lignin could be included in a typical...
    IPCOM000246787D | 2016-Jun-30
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    Disclosed is a method of optimally routing cables in and out of rack cabinet enclosures in a very unobtrusive way, which provides more room for additional content within the rack cabinet.
    IPCOM000246786D | 2016-Jun-30
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    Disclosed is a method that provides greater insight into user behavior and engagement for TV programming.
    IPCOM000246785D | 2016-Jun-30
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    Described is a method that could strengthen the SSL/TLS renegotiation by using a unique route between the client and server when creating the session ID.
    IPCOM000246783D | 2016-Jun-30
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    Described is a method to regain lost voltage plane copper by removing unused pad annular rings during design process and simultaneously defining hole-to-shape rules to ensure appropriate manufacturing clearances.
    IPCOM000246782D | 2016-Jun-30