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  1. 71.
    The cutting tool safety guard of the present disclosure attaches to both sides of a clamshell cutting tool and eliminates exposure to all pinch points. The guard completely encloses rotating parts of the cutting tool that may be dangerous and that may cause pinch points against non-rotating parts of the tool without...
    IPCOM000246646D | 2016-Jun-24
  2. 72.
    Disclosed is a browser feature for automatic or assisted bookmark improvement based on user navigation patterns.
    IPCOM000246645D | 2016-Jun-24
  3. 73.
    Application templates are way to abstract a service which can be deployed and replicated to create new instances. Every application has a different IO pattern. Caching improves application performance using high speed memory devices and it's impacted by the application IO patterns. This invention defines a way for the...
    IPCOM000246644D | 2016-Jun-23
  4. 74.
    The beacons help in the micro-locationing of the mobile device. By analyzing the physical location of a mobile device over time, the beacon server can predict the direction in which the mobile device is moving. This information is sent to the Wi-Fi APs and also to the application running in the mobile device to have...
    IPCOM000246643D | 2016-Jun-23
  5. 75.
    As devices increasingly make use of touch screens for navigation and user interaction, it is important that they stay clean enough to accept touch input and to display available options. Touch screens can get dirty from environmental contaminates or natural oils on the user's fingers. Some touch screens can be...
    IPCOM000246642D | 2016-Jun-23
  6. 76.
    An automated football throwing system could utilize RTLS hardware and software to locate an intended receiver and calculate his speed and direction to determine the proper speed and trajectory to throw the ball. The automated football throwing system could be placed on a tripod with a two-axes servo system to...
    IPCOM000246641D | 2016-Jun-23
  7. 77.
    Described is a method to provide privacy control when using a computer or mobile device in the area that other people may see the screen. The method uses face recognition and eye tracking to detect unwanted watching of a particular screen.
    IPCOM000246640D | 2016-Jun-23
  8. 78.
    Disclosed is an application that informs the user of actions that occurred between user logins. The application stores a log of executed commands in a secure directory and allows the user to quickly determine whether an unauthorized individual accessed a computer account.
    IPCOM000246639D | 2016-Jun-23
  9. 79.
    Disclosed is a system and method to define portions of another channel or station to overlay or replace a portion of another channel.
    IPCOM000246638D | 2016-Jun-23
  10. 80.
    Disclosed is a system and method to determine appropriate changes in device behavior and initiate those changes or actions based on information perceived during user communications.
    IPCOM000246637D | 2016-Jun-23