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    Disclosed is a method that centers on the amalgamation of the rated/estimated future and current energy usage of individual tasks for applications/processes/devices in order to detect, stop, and prevent disobedient activity. The novel solution uses transmission capable devices to communicate and uses a wide variety...
    IPCOM000247065D | 2016-Jul-31
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    Reproducibility of experiments is essential to progress of science. It has recently been estimated that a low percentage of biomedical scientific research is reproducible. The consequences of this low rate extend far beyond the laboratory as people’s lives depend on this research. The disclosed process addresses...
    IPCOM000247064D | 2016-Jul-31
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    Disclosed is a method and system to determine a user's current level of domain expertise. The approach is to record the amount of time a user accesses expert content, compare it to the access trend of the crowd of experts, and then determine the individual’s current expertise level.
    IPCOM000247063D | 2016-Jul-31
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    Disclosed is a computer-implemented method for assisting the grading of essay exams. The method comprises: receiving a first exam answer and a second exam answer; analyzing the first exam answer and the second exam answer to identify a plurality of common cognitive elements; and annotating the identified common...
    IPCOM000247062D | 2016-Jul-31
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    Disclosed is a method and system to automatically create lists of tasks from group chats, channels, email, transcribed voice communication, etc. and then display the list on a group chat or channel.
    IPCOM000247061D | 2016-Jul-31
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    Disclosed is a method to handle content index processing with fault tolerance for an enterprise content management system.
    IPCOM000247060D | 2016-Jul-31
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    A method and system is disclosed for providing a standardized driver score (SDS). The SDS facilitates efficient and optimized auto insurance underwriting. This in turn enables the creation of new auto insurance models and it also enables portability of auto insurance policies
    IPCOM000247059D | 2016-Jul-31
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    Disclosed is a system for sending and responding to a ride request alert. The system analyzes social media posts, identifies when a user is discussing problems with a vehicle, lack of transportation, etc., and then helps the user find transportation by sending a ride request alert to nearby friends.
    IPCOM000247058D | 2016-Jul-31
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    Disclosed is a method of selecting and delivering promotions to an anonymous shopper (i.e., a shopper not identified as associated with a loyalty program) based on the analysis of a contextual digital capture of the shopper at checkout.
    IPCOM000247057D | 2016-Jul-31
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    A system and method for deriving the meaning of novel words is disclosed in a natural language processing (NLP) system..
    IPCOM000247056D | 2016-Jul-31