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    Presented herein is a distributed and dynamic security threat and risk calculation method for Internet of Things (IoT) environments. Dynamic changes of IoT infrastructure are detected, and a "Risk Score" profile is derived from multiple "current" or "previously known" factors about the sensor or previous communication...
    IPCOM000247388D | 2016-Aug-31
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    Described are methods for cost efficient dsRNA production, isolation and purification that is applicable in large scale and in versatile multiparallel production of diverse dsRNA molecules.
    IPCOM000247387D | 2016-Aug-31
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    Runners cannot train for a race by practicing the exact route. Therefore when it comes to the race day a runner has potentially never actually run the route with the exact hills, bends, gradient and surface. This can cause a runner to find the race harder then they previously did in training and hence their race...
    IPCOM000247386D | 2016-Aug-31
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    Die Erfindung betrifft ein generatives Verfahren zur Herstellung von dreidimensionalen Formkörpern, welches dadurch gekennzeichnet ist, dass der Formkörper schrittweise aufgebaut wird, indem das strukturbildende Material in flüssiger Form ortsspezifisch ausgebracht wird, wobei zusätzlich ein zweites Material als...
    IPCOM000247385D | 2016-Aug-31
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    An integration test system is provided including a test station, surface equipment, and a switcher. The test station further includes a controller operatively coupled to the switcher via a control bus, and an automation test module controlling the controller and a software product. The software product...
    IPCOM000247384D | 2016-Aug-31
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    System and methods assisting the individual in managing the extraction of data to generate upgrades to the professional summary based on actual current information practiced by an individual daily.
    IPCOM000247383D | 2016-Aug-31
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    Dislcosed is a system method and apparatus to predict requirement of container registry in new location based on current and past experience with the already existing registries hosting the images for container host
    IPCOM000247382D | 2016-Aug-31
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    A solution is presented herein that uses an extended Service Function Chain trace to query a Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) Discriminator from each Service Function Forwarding (SFF) in any specific Service Function Path (SFP). Each Service Function will simply increment the Service Index (SI) and forward...
    IPCOM000247381D | 2016-Aug-30
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    The key to this invention is to use Objective-C reflection and category mechanisms to monitor Outlook outgoing emails and meetings. This procedure uses dylib injection into Microsoft Outlook and intercept the actual classes(which deals with emails and meetings) using Objective-C reflection and category mechanisms.
    IPCOM000247380D | 2016-Aug-30
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    Disclosed is a method for automated paper payment image processing, payment tracking, and invoice generation.
    IPCOM000247379D | 2016-Aug-30