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    Retroreflective articles made according to various techniques, for example, those disclosed in US patents 9,248,470 and 9,234,990, can be useful in a variety of different applications or to enhance various performance characteristics.
    IPCOM000247730D | 2016-Sep-30
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    Engineering analyses are often targeted to help design parts and systems that provide a margin of safety against failure. More sophisticated models that include plasticity, damage, and failure help the analyst asses the part or system's ability to continue to serve its intended function safely in a partially-damaged...
    IPCOM000247729D | 2016-Sep-30
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    This paper is concerned with a fastener that can be installed according to two different installation methods, i.e. with interference fit or with clearance fit. Such a fastener could strongly reduce the number of references used in Final Assembly Lines
    IPCOM000247728D | 2016-Sep-30
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    The existing permanent magnet DC motor comprises carbon brush and a carbon brush holder (FIG.1). The friction on the carbon brush will generate carbon powder which will cause short circuit at the adjacent electrical component. Existing solution is to cover silica gel or hot melt adhesive to cover the pins of the...
    IPCOM000247727D | 2016-Sep-30
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    Aircraft manufacturers as well as Jet engine manufacturers perform Bird Ingestion Testing for certification purposes. A real bird is fired from an air cannon onto a precise location along the span of a fan of a turbofan engine. The location along the span of fan is of importance and hence the precision of targeting...
    IPCOM000247722D | 2016-Sep-30
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    Disclosed is a method to detect a player’s patterns of behavior while engaged in video games. A monitoring and analysis system in video game detects vital patterns in a user’s behaviors based on the video category.
    IPCOM000247721D | 2016-Sep-30
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    The invention relates to gas turbine engines. Specifically, the invention relates to a sealing arrangement for controlling airflow between shroud segments and axially adjacent engine members.
    IPCOM000247720D | 2016-Sep-29
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    Currently, inspections of tanks and other enclosed spaces commonly require personnel entry. Recently, unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, equipped with cameras and sensors have been used to inspect both onshore and offshore tanks. Overwhelmingly, these drones use rotors to keep the vehicle airborne. However, this...
    IPCOM000247719D | 2016-Sep-29
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    Prices reported in shop windows are defined at the beginning of each fixed time period by the shop manager(s) and they aren't automatically updated based critical data. This article describes an automated prices refinement based on people interest and social data gathered using cognitive data gathered by shop windows...
    IPCOM000247718D | 2016-Sep-29
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    The present invention belongs to the area cosmetics and refers to new blends for strengthening and protecting human hair
    IPCOM000247717D | 2016-Sep-29