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    Achieving constant delay/fixed latency in network elements is an important feature of timing sensitive networks. This disclosure describes how system timers can be utilized to guarantee fixed latency in 1588 devices. By including the ingress timestamp in frames to the very boundary of the egress MAC, and knowing the...
    IPCOM000248138D | 2016-Oct-31
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    A method is disclosed for eliminating nitride loss during high selectivity cyclic oxide etching (SAC etching) by depositing sacrificial polymer layer selectively.
    IPCOM000248137D | 2016-Oct-31
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    Disclosed is a mechanism that automatically marks a user’s place in an electronic document, making it easy for a user to return to unread content after leaving the article.
    IPCOM000248136D | 2016-Oct-28
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    IPCOM000248135D | 2016-Oct-28
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    IPCOM000248134D | 2016-Oct-28
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    Custom Restaurant Menu Selection Application Based Upon Referencing Ingredient Stocks via Cognitive System Recipe Generation
    IPCOM000248133D | 2016-Oct-28
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    IPCOM000248132D | 2016-Oct-28
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    This invention relates to a process for the preparation of velpatasvir intermediate
    IPCOM000248131D | 2016-Oct-28
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    A method and system is disclosed for providing a high-efficiency cruise control for motor vehicles.
    IPCOM000248130D | 2016-Oct-28
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    Disclosed is a system that uses self-assembling robots to construct the cargo area of a truck in order to optimize aerodynamics and improve fuel efficiency.
    IPCOM000248129D | 2016-Oct-28