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  1. 121.
    La présente invention est relative aux véhicules connectés et plus particulièrement aux modes de détection et de gestion des zones « blanches » de réception qui coupent toute liaison entre le véhicule et son environnement de fonctionnement. Les véhicules connectés sont en effet susceptibles de perdre le contact avec...
    IPCOM000248009D | 2016-Oct-17
  2. 122.
    This article describes how, by using machine learning and cognitive computing, a navigation system could anticipate and improve the route selection in function of the user's point of interest. Objective of this invention is to improve the quality of service for navigation systems. As a source of information this...
    IPCOM000248008D | 2016-Oct-17
  3. 123.
    A distributed packet tracer (DPT) provides a unified, programmable, and platform-independent infrastructure. The infrastructure enables efficiently finding, tracing, and analyzing specific packet flows in large distributed computing networks. The infrastructure may be integrated with a wide range of hardware/software...
    IPCOM000248007D | 2016-Oct-17
  4. 124.
    This disclosure generally relates to a person support surface to push-up a subject in bed. More specially, but not exclusively, the disclosure relates to the person support surface that maintains the subject in a central position, while imparting push-up force to the subject. Steve Hankins
    IPCOM000248006D | 2016-Oct-17
  5. 125.
    This is about a joystick used for example in construction or forestry equipment. One hand joystick means that all the boom and harvester head functions can be controlled with one hand.
    IPCOM000248005D | 2016-Oct-17
  6. 126.
    We present in this paper a system for patient medical treatment efficiency
    IPCOM000247999D | 2016-Oct-14
  7. 127.
    This invention describes a new method of sending data from a downhole tool to the surface. Instead of using mud pulse telemetry an expandable reamer is used to create certain signals that can be detected on surface.
    IPCOM000247998D | 2016-Oct-14
  8. 128.
    We presented a solution to the common problem of the loss of information during and after doctor-patient consultation. Our invention aims to detect, extract, highlight and provide key information useful to the patient and the doctor via audio recordings and actual cognitive technologies such as audio-text...
    IPCOM000247997D | 2016-Oct-14
  9. 129.
    Presented herein is a solution for enabling a plugin safe zone for protection from malicious plugins and to provide a more secure web access. A new plugin is created, which establishes the safe zone. Sensitive information is shown only in the safe zone. The data is sent from the website to the plugin safe zone without...
    IPCOM000247996D | 2016-Oct-14
  10. 130.
    IPCOM000247995D | 2016-Oct-14