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Month of October 2016 - Page Number 14

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  1. 131.
    How often you spend minutes staring at shelf in market looking for your favorite shampoo? Finding your wife's favorite washing liquid takes many moments of your life and at the end it occurs that you cannot find it. That problem can easily solved by LED indicators installed nearby product labels on aisles connected...
    IPCOM000247994D | 2016-Oct-14
  2. 132.
    La présente invention est relative au traitement des signaux reçus par un récepteur radio tel qu'un autoradio par exemple. Plus particulièrement, elle se rapporte au traitement des « petits signaux ». Le principe du traitement des « petits signaux » dans un DSP audio est de réduire ou de masquer tout bruit parasite...
    IPCOM000247992D | 2016-Oct-14
  3. 133.
    IPCOM000247990D | 2016-Oct-14
  4. 134.
    IPCOM000247989D | 2016-Oct-14
  5. 135.
    The compound of formula (A), disclosed in WO-A-2015/055563, is particularly useful as a light stabilizer in plastic applications, typically polyolefins, or more specifically thermoplastic polyolefins, used in automotive interior and exterior applications. Typically, such compound is incorporated in the polymer matrix...
    IPCOM000247988D | 2016-Oct-14
  6. 136.
    Disclosed is a search engine feature that works through web pages, identifies the reading level of the content, and applies the reading level as a filter criterion. By applying the reading proficiency level profile of the user, the system can provide the appropriate content, and then increase the level over time as...
    IPCOM000247987D | 2016-Oct-14
  7. 137.
    Disclosed is a system that collects news and relevant information from different sources, identifies threats, calculates the threats’ severity, and alerts system subscribers near the threat location in accordance with user affectation due to personal characteristics (e.g., medical conditions, age, gender, etc.) and...
    IPCOM000247986D | 2016-Oct-14
  8. 138.
    IPCOM000247985D | 2016-Oct-14
  9. 139.
    IPCOM000247981D | 2016-Oct-14
  10. 140.
    The present solution relates to a system and a method for alerting the driver of a vehicle that a retarder is about to be overheated. By controlling the braking torque provided by the retarder, such that it is pulsed before a critical temperature has been reached, a haptic alert is achieved. The driver of the vehicle...
    IPCOM000247979D | 2016-Oct-14