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Month of October 2016 - Page Number 16

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  1. 151.
    A method to track electronic messages events - i) "Forward" or ii) "Reply ALL without coping sender". A new technical solution has been proposed that enables authorised senders to use the tracking feature on the said events for the configured timeframe. The solution has provisioned to receive Scheduled events log or...
    IPCOM000247959D | 2016-Oct-14
  2. 152.
    There are a growing number of people involved in Sportif cycle riding. This is a non-racing, yet competitive form of amateur riding. It is ridden in a team, each rider taking it in turns to block the wind at the front of the group, saving team mates up to 30% of their energy. This is achieved by performing a "roll",...
    IPCOM000247958D | 2016-Oct-14
  3. 153.
    All user interfaces has learning curves. When a user is faced with a new interface, their error rates will be higher than normal until they become proficient at it. This disclosure details a method to algorithmically review a web based interface and offer suggestions and hints to a user to assist them in becoming...
    IPCOM000247957D | 2016-Oct-14
  4. 154.
    Having a means to deposit loose change into your bank account at the point of a retail transaction.
    IPCOM000247956D | 2016-Oct-14
  5. 155.
    Witht the recent introduction of driverless cars and autonmous vehicle, the safety of the passengers is a top priority. To enable such technology to operate safely and ensure passengers safety, the Smart Dashcam allows this to happen due to its intelligence in detecting and calling emergency services when needed.
    IPCOM000247955D | 2016-Oct-14
  6. 156.
    The disclosed method is to implement the optimal storage while creating or rebuilding mupltiple indexes. In any relational database mananagement systems (RDBMS), you will have a table to hold user data and one or more indexes on top of it for faster data access. In certain conditions, you may need to rebuild the...
    IPCOM000247954D | 2016-Oct-14
  7. 157.
    To aid with the plug and abandonment of complex wells with control line in place, a process will be developed to significantly reduce time and complexity. The concept will involve chemically dissolving control line encapsulation, circulating it out of the well and cementing through control line internal diameters to...
    IPCOM000247953D | 2016-Oct-13
  8. 158.
    One problem faced in networks today is that of multicast receivers getting flooded with duplicate multicast streams arriving from the same source through different networks that are physically disjointed and to which the transmission path is physically suppressed. To solve this problem, an application requires a...
    IPCOM000247952D | 2016-Oct-13
  9. 159.
    Presented herein is an efficient mechanism to generate non-repeated pseudo-random channel sequences for frequency hopping networks. The inputs are: (1) a list of available channels; (2) a unique identifier (e.g., MAC address) of the node; and/or (3) slot number or current time. The output is a channel number for an...
    IPCOM000247951D | 2016-Oct-13
  10. 160.
    The purpose is to use the Swellable Polymer of the Swellable Reactive Element packer as lost circulation material to be pumped in any losses zone, particularly the surface severe losses zone.
    IPCOM000247950D | 2016-Oct-13