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  1. 161.
    Disclosed is a method for forming a symmetrical spacer in sidewall image transfer (SIT) processing. The method creates a squared off profile by not using a spacer etchback technique to expose the mandrel.
    IPCOM000247948D | 2016-Oct-13
  2. 162.
    Installer event monitoring for high accuracy and low cost software install/uninstall reporting
    IPCOM000247947D | 2016-Oct-13
  3. 163.
    Disclosed is a method to link existing sensors in a house to form a neural network capable to learn and thus improve smart house capabilities
    IPCOM000247946D | 2016-Oct-13
  4. 164.
    This article presents a method to auto-detect computer screen arrangement. Detection is based on user actions performed using any kind of pointing device like mouse. Precisely speaking based on how user intends pointer to move, how it moves in "incorrect" screen arrangement and what corrective actions user takes.
    IPCOM000247945D | 2016-Oct-13
  5. 165.
    The present invention is related to window lifter devices in cars. In particular it is related to motor driven window lifter devices which are controlled by so called door control units (DCU). Upon a operation of a certain switch by user the door control unit controls the motor of the lifter device so that the window...
    IPCOM000247944D | 2016-Oct-13
  6. 166.
    Monitoring and analyzing interdependent time series is used to detect anomalies. In addition to analyzing the time series individually and detecting anomalies per time series, first the interdependency of time series is determined and secondly an anomaly measure is derived from the interdependency of time series.
    IPCOM000247943D | 2016-Oct-13
  7. 167.
    This article describes a mechanism for an automated configuration of a Vertically Sliced Database, a model for partitioning data vertically rather than horizontally. The benefit of a VSD includes protection from a compromised database, whereby if a single server were to be impacted only one data column would be...
    IPCOM000247942D | 2016-Oct-13
  8. 168.
    This document discloses a continuous, multi-stage evaporation process for separating multi-component mixtures. The process provides a method to separate temperature sensitive materials and other difficult to separate mixtures. A series of evaporators are connected using reflux streams to separate a feed mixture into...
    IPCOM000247941D | 2016-Oct-12
  9. 169.
    La présente invention propose de faire de la localisation et un suivi, dans une enceinte, de tout matériel et contrevenant aux inconvénients susmentionnés. Le but est de localiser des éléments mobiles (par exemple des clés électronique d'accès au véhicule ou des unité roue de système de surveillance de la pression de...
    IPCOM000247940D | 2016-Oct-12
  10. 170.
    In order to avoid a difference of pression between the inside and the outside of the wheel unit, and in order to avoir the use of a Goretex membrane, microperforation are realised directly in the housing of the wheel unit. The microperforations are shaped so they allow air to flow but not water.
    IPCOM000247939D | 2016-Oct-12