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Month of October 2016 - Page Number 18

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  1. 171.
    Invention is dealing with 'Car-to-X' communication and especially with car to pedestrians. Modern vehicles (hybrid, electrical...) are silent and it is proposed to communicate with pedestrians via 'Car-to-X' technology. Pedestrians do wear earphones that are able to simulate car sounds in the neighborhood.
    IPCOM000247938D | 2016-Oct-12
  2. 172.
    La présente invention se rapporte au domaine des assistants de navigation à l'aide d'un dispositif de géolocalisation et plus particulièrement aux procédés de saisie des destinations sur de tels assistants de navigation. Lors de la saisie du nom de la destination par un utilisateur, l'assistant de navigation va lui...
    IPCOM000247937D | 2016-Oct-12
  3. 173.
    Disclosed are a method and system for measuring audience engagement during a live presentation. The system identifies the number of active mobile device screens in the audience and how often people look at the mobile devices, measures engagement via social media, analyzes the numbers, and ultimately communicates...
    IPCOM000247936D | 2016-Oct-12
  4. 174.
    Some oscilloscope testers require two probe cable assemblies in order to complete the connection: a flat coaxial cable assembly connected with the oscilloscope and a flying leads cable assembly which fans out to 17 channels testing line to collect signals from a source of data. The present publication presents a...
    IPCOM000247935D | 2016-Oct-12
  5. 175.
    Aircraft line maintenance is a highly regulated process followed by maintenance engineers to make an airplane airworthy. Planning and co-ordination are two key factors required for efficient line maintenance. Currently, the maintenance engineer manually co-ordinates with multiple parties for support and uses a paper...
    IPCOM000247934D | 2016-Oct-12
  6. 176.
    IPCOM000247933D | 2016-Oct-12
  7. 177.
    A method and system is disclosed for estimating accurate real-time location of an autonomous robot.
    IPCOM000247932D | 2016-Oct-11
  8. 178.
    A retroreflective one way vision film applied to the rear window of a vehicle. This film provides high visibility from the outside looking at the vehicle due to the retroreflectivity and also allows the driver to see outside the rear window due to the one way vision perforations. The idea is to combine a perforated...
    IPCOM000247931D | 2016-Oct-11
  9. 179.
    In SaaS world, especially a multi-tenant web application at times, web servers (single or pooled) get all the requests from various users of various clients. They respond with dynamic responses to the browsers along with the response codes, in case of some server errors, they respond with HTTP status codes of...
    IPCOM000247929D | 2016-Oct-11
  10. 180.
    As the emails get delivered, the systems are bound to fail for various reasons. The volume of failed notifications would be a surprise discovery only when the systems are dissected for delivery failures. This big piece of email delivery failures get unnoticed and remain unaddressed unless a system is put in place...
    IPCOM000247928D | 2016-Oct-11