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    Disclosed is a Volume Table of Contents (VTOC) validation tool for the z/OS operating system that enables the diagnosis of errors within the VTOC and/or Index. This further enables repairs to the VTOC and/or index structures so that the structures do not become disabled as well as the rapid diagnosis of the...
    IPCOM000248126D | 2016-Oct-28
  2. 12.
    Disclosed is a process for advanced resource planning utilizing local health data and patterns. The proposed method finds recommendations about how to staff businesses taking into account local health patterns.
    IPCOM000248125D | 2016-Oct-28
  3. 13.
    Disclosed is a method that requires a system repair technician in the field to use a Repair Access Code via a Technician Assistant Tool when accessing the system in order to ensure the correct execution of repair procedures and reduce errors.
    IPCOM000248124D | 2016-Oct-28
  4. 14.
    A method and system is disclosed for providing a soft start to power path controllers. The method and system allows the power path controllers to turn on Field Effect Transistors (FETs) for a period less than Safe Area Operating (SOA) limits repeatedly until the power path controllers are turned on fully
    IPCOM000248123D | 2016-Oct-28
  5. 15.
    A method and system is disclosed for coalescing and transmitting multiple messages with minimum latency. The method and system estimates/projects load on a receiver side in order to reduce latency to the coalesced multiple messages.
    IPCOM000248122D | 2016-Oct-28
  6. 16.
    Described is a process for using embroidery techniques to weave conductive fibers into a fiberglass cloth during the manufacturing process for printed circuit boards. By placing the wires in this manner, the process avoids the subtractive etching of copper layers and all of the chemical waste and environmental...
    IPCOM000248121D | 2016-Oct-27
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    Described is a system to help locate missing persons that may have been in the vicinity of a natural disaster at the approximate time of the event.
    IPCOM000248120D | 2016-Oct-27
  8. 18.
    With advancing technology, the size of power-supply components on server motherboards is continually shrinking. This trend in shrinking size and corresponding increase in density of power-supply components mirrors the trend in computing elements. However, power- conversion efficiency remains the same even as density...
    IPCOM000248119D | 2016-Oct-27
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    This refers to a data acquisition and communications sub that is modular and which can be used with a variety of packer device setting tools. This sub will record and, if required, transmit data to surface before, during, and/or after packer setting. This data is processed to provide service and operator personnel...
    IPCOM000248118D | 2016-Oct-27
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    Integration der Codecheck API in die mylife Software App der Ypsomed AG
    IPCOM000248117D | 2016-Oct-27