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  1. 61.
    This invention introduces a method called Copy On Access(COA) on virtual file system at linux. That is, the necessary file copy is delayed until actually accessing the file. This method works in master/slave manner. It helps both large system and embedded system employment. For deployment on large system, it speeds...
    IPCOM000248076D | 2016-Oct-24
  2. 62.
    A cable assembly with header connector(s) providing electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and comprising of assembled, separable embodiments. These embodiments include backshells, inner mold, conductive articles (in form of - but not limited to - band, strip, tape) and cable(s). The inner mold consists of...
    IPCOM000248075D | 2016-Oct-24
  3. 63.
    This publication pertains to thermally efficient flexible printed circuit board constructions, in particular for high power general lighting applications, that can efficiently dissipate the heat, are cost competitive, and are alternative solutions to non-flexible material constructions such as, e.g., a construction...
    IPCOM000248074D | 2016-Oct-24
  4. 64.
    The disclosure is aiming the problem of efficiency issue that user reading topic thread with long discussion history. The invention provides a key message highlight navigator in user interface so that people can quickly get key information in a thread with long discussion history. With the invention, system can: 1....
    IPCOM000248073D | 2016-Oct-24
  5. 65.
    The present invention relates to the use of a cation source (1) to prevent decomposition of a (thio)phosphoric acid triamide (2); to a method for preventing decomposition of a (thio)phosphoric acid triamide (2) by adding a cation source (1); to a mixture M comprising a cation source (1) and a (thio)phosphoric...
    IPCOM000248072D | 2016-Oct-24
  6. 66.
    In the openstack environment, the network part will provide the vlan, GRE(Generic Routing Encapsulation) and vxlan. If we select the vxlan as the network part. It will create the vxlan tunnel between the openstack components. The physical NIC(Network Interface Card) address will be used as the src ip and dst ip in the...
    IPCOM000248071D | 2016-Oct-24
  7. 67.
    IPCOM000248070D | 2016-Oct-24
  8. 68.
    This disclosure describes a new way to dynamically update search result based on user's input. Techniques provided to allow user to incrementally adding/removing new concept from search criteria based on user's indication of relevance. This lead to more accurate result when user continue search. The described approach...
    IPCOM000248069D | 2016-Oct-24
  9. 69.
    A solution to this issue starts with the mobile client detecting the proximity of a BLE tag based on RSSI signal strength. If the mobile client device becomes stationary (determined via motion sensor within the mobile client), within range of a BLE tag's signal, the mobile client initializes mapping of the data into...
    IPCOM000248067D | 2016-Oct-21
  10. 70.
    As depicted in Fig.1, a cloud-based controller is a multi-tenanted wireless controller hosted on internet. The cloud-based controller treats each customer as a separate tenant and each tenant connects to the cloud-based controller over internet. Currently, a tenant activates an AP on the cloud for adoption to the...
    IPCOM000248066D | 2016-Oct-21