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    Disclosed is an idea for a completely shielded driverless armored car for transporting money and other sensitive documents.
    IPCOM000248452D | 2016-Nov-30
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    Disclosed is a method of distributed data processing by a virtual machine having an original virtual address range and being operable on a first computer.
    IPCOM000248451D | 2016-Nov-30
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    This paper describes a novel cleaning technology using fluorochemical fluids as solvent dryers for replacement of water from the AQ cleaning process.
    IPCOM000248450D | 2016-Nov-30
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    IPCOM000248449D | 2016-Nov-30
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    IPCOM000248448D | 2016-Nov-30
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    LLC resonant converter is getting more popular because of its simple structure and soft switching characteristics for both switch and rectifier. Particularly, in high power high voltage application, the resonant converter concept becomes essential because of a large leakage inductance of the transformer caused by high...
    IPCOM000248447D | 2016-Nov-30
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    In recent survey, the missing items or good on selves of supermarket is one result that makes customers unsatisfied. The main reason is that other customer may change its position after checking but not buying or it is hidden from other items. With e-commerce customers from remote site, they also need to lift the good...
    IPCOM000248446D | 2016-Nov-30
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    Air pollution is one of the most severe problems faced by many major cities in the world and the significant contribution to the air pollution in big cities is due to motor vehicles. Disclosed is a system to control air pollution caused by motor vehicle using Internet of Things (IoT) and Engine Control Unit (ECU) of...
    IPCOM000248445D | 2016-Nov-30
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    IPCOM000248444D | 2016-Nov-30
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    A solution to provide QoS (Quality of Service) across a set of volumes in shared storage subsystem is proposed. The solution provides improved QoS for a group of volumes, by introducing a concept of volume group, which is a logical grouping of volumes, and also providing a way to set per node different Service Level...
    IPCOM000248443D | 2016-Nov-30