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  1. 91.
    This disclosure relates to personal care compositions containing silicone elastomer gels corresponding to the following INCI definition: crosslinked dimethyl siloxane polymer (silicone elastomer) that is formed by the reaction between Hydrogen Dimethicone or Bis-Hydrogen Dimethicone, and Vinyl Dimethicone or...
    IPCOM000248359D | 2016-Nov-18
  2. 92.
    ABSTRACT A method to adapt the control of a clutch actuator to a situation when the clutch actuator is replaced, in order to prevent potential damage of the clutch actuator. The method comprises reading and comparing a vehicle identification number (VIN) of the clutch actuator with a VIN of the vehicle. The result of...
    IPCOM000248358D | 2016-Nov-18
  3. 93.
    Described herein are methods for using machine learning techniques, such as supervised learning, to provide network compliance recommendations by training the machine learning system with production environment data.
    IPCOM000248357D | 2016-Nov-17
  4. 94.
    This paper describes a method for power optimization of standard cell digital logic designs. The method improves power consumption by substituting specified types of combinational cells (in identified sub-circuits) with similar cells that have an additional input. The method connects the additional input so that the...
    IPCOM000248356D | 2016-Nov-17
  5. 95.
    Described herein is a mechanism for quick wireless loss detection and recovery on the last hop without introducing an additional signal, such as an acknowledgment or a negative-acknowledgment. The mechanism benefits from information-centric network (ICN) architectural features.
    IPCOM000248355D | 2016-Nov-17
  6. 96.
    When installing a software update or a patch on a device, organizations and users are always concerned about the negative impacts of the operation: an update can either fail to install leaving the software in an unusable state, or it can install successfully but negatively impact stability of the operating system or...
    IPCOM000248354D | 2016-Nov-17
  7. 97.
    This paper describes using inexpensive coal tar pitch as a precursor to prepare coatings for silicon alloys and silicon alloy carbon composites. The final carbon coating could provide a better coating quality on the surface of the silicon alloy anode. The pitch coating could apparently reduce the electrochemical...
    IPCOM000248353D | 2016-Nov-17
  8. 98.
    This paper describes a device designed for installing GIS (Gas Insulation Switchgear) cable terminations such as those at 110kV, 220kV or higher voltage levels. It will make the installation process simpler and minimize worker injury due to the handling of heavy cable accessories.
    IPCOM000248352D | 2016-Nov-17
  9. 99.
    Disclosed is a structure and process method that includes a resistor structure consisting of multiple resistor stacks in order to facilitate extendibility.
    IPCOM000248351D | 2016-Nov-17
  10. 100.
    Abstract This method contains a combined tank for fresh and waste water. In this combined tank, fresh water chamber and waste water chamber are separated by means of a moveable piston and impermeable membrane. During the flight, according to the consumption of the fresh water and generation of the waste water, the...
    IPCOM000248350D | 2016-Nov-17