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  1. 101.
    A technique for detecting disconnection of a patient monitor from a patient is disclosed. The technique includes recording a zero reading for vital signs as a disconnection of the patient monitor from the patient. According to one embodiment, the disconnection event is integrated into discharge and admission workflow...
    IPCOM000248348D | 2016-Nov-17
  2. 102.
    A technique for building augmented versions of such surrogate models by using a processed version of the outcomes of the original model for training is proposed. Using processed version of the outcomes of the original model for training improves performance, for example, reduced dispersion.
    IPCOM000248347D | 2016-Nov-17
  3. 103.
    A technique to estimate multidimensional remaining useful life (RUL) of equipments undergoing monitoring is disclosed. The technique allows simultaneous estimation of different remaining usage indexes, for example, remaining useful life in terms of hours, cycles, and maintenance actions, among others, which are...
    IPCOM000248346D | 2016-Nov-17
  4. 104.
    A technique to improve adhesion property of an adhesive used in a molding material to connect with a metal substrate within a power semiconductor die package is disclosed. During molding operation, material flows over a substrate, a power semiconductor die, and bond wires within the power semiconductor component. The...
    IPCOM000248345D | 2016-Nov-17
  5. 105.
    Industrial equipment can be outfitted with chips that record information and send it to an equipment cloud. This data can be used for analytics and to allow suppliers, manufacturers, and clients to better understand how a piece of equipment performs in the field and take appropriate action.
    IPCOM000248344D | 2016-Nov-16
  6. 106.
    The invention relates to machining of ceramic matrix composite (CMC) parts. Specifically, a method for aligning an as-molded composite part in a computerized numerical control (CNC) machine and creating a datum reference is disclosed.
    IPCOM000248343D | 2016-Nov-16
  7. 107.
    The invention relates to aircraft engines including a radial inlet. Specifically, an aircraft engine with a radial inlet and variable geometry is disclosed.
    IPCOM000248342D | 2016-Nov-16
  8. 108.
    The objective of the idea is a multi compartment tire for increased safety. Partly in terms redundancy by several cells, the chances increase to keep the tire functioning to a certain degree temporarily, partly the complete explosion risk is considerably smaller. Already now tire manufacturers experiment with building...
    IPCOM000248341D | 2016-Nov-16
  9. 109.
    Using smart watch gesture history to identify when a door may have been left unlocked.
    IPCOM000248340D | 2016-Nov-16
  10. 110.
    1. ABSTRACT LFS Pin: Light installation – Fast installation – Slim cost installation The LFS-Pin design allows the application of system installation in any vehicle, e.g. aircrafts, automotive, etc. It saves weight, installation time and can be used as a repair solution as well. Instead of using a riveted anchor...
    IPCOM000248339D | 2016-Nov-16