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Month of November 2016 - Page Number 13

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  1. 121.
    Disclosed is a method and system for a data source (ds) unit to perform one or more protective measures prior to receiving service and reverse said measures upon service completion.
    IPCOM000248326D | 2016-Nov-15
  2. 122.
    Disclosed is a system to suggest television stations based on a person's location and content viewing history. This helps a user identify preferred programming while traveling and unfamiliar with the local settings.
    IPCOM000248325D | 2016-Nov-15
  3. 123.
    Disclosed is a method and apparatus to employ advanced in computer vision and facial and image recognition technology to improve the security and safety of current automobile keyless entry technology.
    IPCOM000248324D | 2016-Nov-15
  4. 124.
    Disclosed is a method for easily parsing a log file and providing relevant information to the user or to a program, which could automate resolutions with the information provided without user interaction.
    IPCOM000248323D | 2016-Nov-15
  5. 125.
    A system is disclosed for disparate data aggregation and enrichment in a classified environment. The system utilizes a series of processes to automatically aggregate, clean, de-conflict and enrich disparate datasets to provide an accurate answers/information to decision-makers.
    IPCOM000248322D | 2016-Nov-15
  6. 126.
    A method and system is disclosed to enable contextual 3D Holographic augmentation of 2D photographs/images. The method and system performs an image analysis followed by contextual analysis of 2D photos/images for processing selective 3D holographic augmentation of objects, relevant to user interest, social network...
    IPCOM000248321D | 2016-Nov-15
  7. 127.
    Disclosed are a method and model to enable financial organizations (i.e., banks) to measure expected Automated Teller Machine (ATM) usage in certain areas before placing ATMs, which allows banks to identify the area(s) most beneficial to the ATM strategy. The quantitative framework gathers data from open data...
    IPCOM000248320D | 2016-Nov-15
  8. 128.
    Disclosed is a method to surface a generic non-geotagged message based on a user's current location.
    IPCOM000248319D | 2016-Nov-15
  9. 129.
    Disclosed are a system and method to verify that a specified day of week and the corresponding calendar date match within a written statement.
    IPCOM000248318D | 2016-Nov-15
  10. 130.
    Disclosed is a method to identify the source of a failure in a distributed/microservice environment by using returned data objects to maintain a record of a call chain and call results. The method is for each Application Programming Interface (API) to build a data structure that is returned to the preceding layer,...
    IPCOM000248317D | 2016-Nov-15