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Month of November 2016 - Page Number 15

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  1. 141.
    Embodiment of the invention discloses a method, apparatus and system to help end-user select his familiar language in different scenarios, for examples, when he want to check the official website of the government, check the local health care service website, check the local tour assistant application oversea, etc....
    IPCOM000248306D | 2016-Nov-15
  2. 142.
    The core idea in this paper is to define a Method of Proactive Packing Assistant IoT Service for enhancing packing process. The 3-D scanner can be used to help a packing agent to choose a right packing box based on ordered items sizes.
    IPCOM000248305D | 2016-Nov-15
  3. 143.
    The proposed system uses a Client-Server architecture to manage wearable device displaying a computed graphical icon or a series of words in a stadium. The server side will create a communication channel and decide what data to be sent. The client need to recognize its corresponding position, register itself with...
    IPCOM000248304D | 2016-Nov-15
  4. 144.
    When people pick up luggage in the airports, oftentimes they will experience stress at the baggage claim area for problems such as "too many luggage look alike and it's not easy to identify which one to pick", "has wait for a long time and has no idea when the luggage will arrive the carousel", etc... Problem: today...
    IPCOM000248303D | 2016-Nov-15
  5. 145.
    Disclosed is a system that selects the best store for a user to shop based on the shopper's habitual purchases and current pricing. The system also helps manufacturers better understand brand and store loyalty.
    IPCOM000248302D | 2016-Nov-15
  6. 146.
    This invention discloses a novel method to take a large screen shot which size is bigger than screen size on mobile. Two finger's cooperation on touch screen make it implemented. One finger is used to keep the screen content still and the other finger slides down or up to make the screen content folded until mobile...
    IPCOM000248301D | 2016-Nov-15
  7. 147.
    This invention provides model and method for per user conditional formatting in a multi-user collaborative spreadsheet, so collaborators can set his/her conditional formatting rules only for one cell and can share his/her rules to others.
    IPCOM000248300D | 2016-Nov-15
  8. 148.
    In these days, cameras become important device in activities thanks to the development of smart phone. However, people are not hand-free when they use them. More than that, we find it difficult to focus camera without vibration when we are going and trying to record. This disclosure suggests a new way to support...
    IPCOM000248299D | 2016-Nov-15
  9. 149.
    This invention discloses a method/system to report issue and auto retrieve answer using video. When user finds a product is abnormal, he uses mobile device with camera to take one or more videos of the product. The invention extracts key info from the videos, then searches the knowledge library to auto retrieve the...
    IPCOM000248298D | 2016-Nov-15
  10. 150.
    A system to leverage the abnormal status message that IOT device send out to trigger user's wearable devices and make it broadcast help message automatically. With this mechanism, disaster survivor can be found if they have such auto-triggered wearable devices.
    IPCOM000248297D | 2016-Nov-15