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  1. 151.
    Professional networks depend on members establishing connections between one another however, in some cases, the benefits of establishing a connection are unclear. Various social network analysis techniques can be used to provide the invitee an indication of what impact accepting an invitation will have on their...
    IPCOM000248296D | 2016-Nov-15
  2. 152.
    This paper describes a new process for making planar transformers using an electrically insulated, thermally curing double coated tape. This new process replaces a single coated polyimide (PI) or Nomex tape with this double-coated tape as an insulator between a copper plate and/or PCB coils. The varnish steps in the...
    IPCOM000248295D | 2016-Nov-15
  3. 153.
    An extra conducting spring element will be added within a medium voltage separable connector system. An extra current path will be created which will lead to a more efficient current distribution throughout the connector system. Temperature rise at hot spots will decrease and vulnerable components will be protected.
    IPCOM000248294D | 2016-Nov-15
  4. 154.
    This paper describes a method to reduce the temperature delay between the target and the sensor. The temperature sensor described herein reduces thermal resistance between the target and the sensor coming from the variable air gap, the rough surface and the medium. On the other hand, in this design, a large thermal...
    IPCOM000248293D | 2016-Nov-15
  5. 155.
    IPCOM000248292D | 2016-Nov-15
  6. 156.
    The discoluse describes method how display the news by personalized designed on social media, which includs two implementation models. The first one is obaining the users' behavior by meaching learning process. The second one is users mark the important friends and interesting offical accounts by themselves. As a...
    IPCOM000248291D | 2016-Nov-15
  7. 157.
    The core idea in this disclosure defines a method of recommending songs integrated with data mining and cognitive analysis for enhancing user experience with songs. The architecture of method of recommending songs is comprised of following 5 key components for support data mining and cognitive analysis. 1. User’s...
    IPCOM000248290D | 2016-Nov-15
  8. 158.
    With the development of smart phone, mobile applications are more and more closely to the people’s daily life. A statistic presents average 30+ applications are installed on each mobile device with lots of private user data stored in mobile. More applications mean more security issue and conflict such as information...
    IPCOM000248289D | 2016-Nov-15
  9. 159.
    Optical flow estimation is a building-block in computer vision and visual analytics. We present a method for learning an optical flow estimatior by using video data or a collection of images without annotating thier correspondence relationship. The method enables an end-to-end training of a neural network which is...
    IPCOM000248288D | 2016-Nov-15
  10. 160.
    This disclosure proposed a method to transfer the brake signal, which can jump the body of the behind vehicle and notify the following vehicles. This method can significant relief this issue with very low cost.
    IPCOM000248287D | 2016-Nov-15