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    This system is an on-the-fly frac sleeve selection and operation by vaying high/low pressure signals. After the frac operation is completed a final pressure signal will open a second sleeve per tool that allows production through bead screen cartridges.
    IPCOM000248442D | 2016-Nov-29
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    The main idea is based on the concept of being able to pump a bubble that holds in place a fluid plug, in other industries there are some technologies that can pump a liner for example in the cured in place liner which it is expanded by pressurizing the interior of the material and allowing it to cure. In our case...
    IPCOM000248441D | 2016-Nov-29
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    This publication describes the effect of improving low temperature (e.g., -25 ℃ or below) bag drop performance of heavy duty sack (HDS) by applying ExxonMobil Chemical metallocene polyethylene (mPE) polymer products into film formulations. The conclusion was supported with various mPE grades, multiple blending...
    IPCOM000248440D | 2016-Nov-29
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    Protective devices such as fuses, circuit breakers, and thermal cutouts have been customarily provided in a wide variety of formats and capabilities. Some of these devices are intended for use in high power applications such as for protecting utility equipment while others are intended for use in low power...
    IPCOM000248439D | 2016-Nov-29
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    IPCOM000248438D | 2016-Nov-29
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    Disclosed is a method to eliminate Silicon (Si) recess by protecting the Si while etching the Oxide and Nitride hardmask with a partial etch organic layer.
    IPCOM000248437D | 2016-Nov-29
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    Disclosed is a method for publishing and subscribing to geospatial topics (arbitrary geometries and buffer radius) in addition to traditional topics without requiring any changes to the existing pub/sub brokers. This involves encoding geospatial pub/sub topics as hierarchical keys that can be routed through the...
    IPCOM000248436D | 2016-Nov-29
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    A method and system is disclosed for enhancing the randomness by introducing extra jitter in the ring oscillator (ROSC) and increasing the bit generation rate of a true random number generator. The method and system provides a direct power supply noise injection scheme using a simple noise injection circuit to...
    IPCOM000248435D | 2016-Nov-29
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    The data center administrators can provision or re-provision their workloads using an interactive interface by specifying the business requirements as against specifying the details of the configuration. The interface supports interaction in natural language.
    IPCOM000248431D | 2016-Nov-29
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    The data center administrators can perform server administration operations in natural language using an interactive interface. The system is able to dynamically identify the command that has to be executed in order to perform the administration operation. It is also able to resolve the entities which an operation...
    IPCOM000248430D | 2016-Nov-29