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    Disclosed is a system that uses calendar meetings to simplify booking shared transport. The system helps organize transport for a group of people by looking at the participants of a meeting invitation, the associated current locations, the availability of existing transport options (e.g., ride services, etc.), and...
    IPCOM000248429D | 2016-Nov-28
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    Described herein are methods and devices to provide audio/video (A/V) synchronization in a hybrid conferencing system in which the audio stream is mixed and the video stream is switched. These may be implemented as conferencing systems/services move to the cloud.
    IPCOM000248428D | 2016-Nov-28
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    Telecommunication networks include interconnected network elements which provide communication services to end users. The map of port-to-port connectivity of these network elements is referred to as the network topology. Due to the ever-growing demand, these networks undergo frequent changes in their topology as new...
    IPCOM000248427D | 2016-Nov-28
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    According to the present disclosure, a facilitated method for initiating coasting (freewheeling) of a motor vehicle is achieved. The method comprises: receiving a signal generated at an initiative of a driver of the vehicle and at a point in time determined by the driver, said signal indicating that coasting is...
    IPCOM000248426D | 2016-Nov-28
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    A method of producing a magnetically detectable material for a holding member for an animal product comprises preparing a material mixture comprising particles of a non-toxic magnetic mineral and particles of a polymeric material, and heating the material mixture to a temperature for plasticizing the polymeric...
    IPCOM000248425D | 2016-Nov-28
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    IPCOM000248424D | 2016-Nov-28
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    IPCOM000248423D | 2016-Nov-27
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    Disclosed are a system and mechanism to gather a practitioner’s preferences for deviations from the set of global rules in a health-based cognitive computing and analytics engine in order to provide a customized experience for the practitioner.
    IPCOM000248422D | 2016-Nov-25
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    A method and system is disclosed to provide a comprehensive medication management system to improve general health of the population.
    IPCOM000248421D | 2016-Nov-25
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    Disclosed is a method to provide embedded bot assistance for creative tasks by turning any creative task into a conversation. The method directly embeds a chat integration (including one with a bot) into the rich text of a rich text area as a means of collaborating and completing content.
    IPCOM000248420D | 2016-Nov-25