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    The disclosure relates to the control of a generator with unsymmetrical power supplies. A solution for realizing a flux reduction by the exciter is disclosed. Generally, the idea is an active control of magnetic flux in the exciter machine of a generator, e.g. a synchronous generator, using unsymmetrical voltage...
    IPCOM000248409D | 2016-Nov-25
  2. 42.
    The disclosure concerns industrial networks and fieldbus modules in an industrial network. Specifically this disclosure concerns a solution for hardware high packet number load protection for a low cost Ethernet based fieldbus module or adapter. In the improvement, there is provided a protection function on the...
    IPCOM000248408D | 2016-Nov-25
  3. 43.
    A sliding drive front cover including a) a frequency converter design, in which the sen-sitive electronics parts are fully covered and protected from dust and water, b) a fre-quency converter enclosure design that allows the front part of the enclosure, and the control panel attached to it, to be slid to the side when...
    IPCOM000248407D | 2016-Nov-25
  4. 44.
    The disclosure relates to using an AC fed frequency converter having a thyristor input bridge and a DC choke as a DC inverter by modifying the frequency converter such that it can be used from a DC supply. The DC chokes are removed and the terminals are short-circuited so that the diodes become antiparallel to the...
    IPCOM000248406D | 2016-Nov-25
  5. 45.
    An isolated temperature-measurement solution for an IGBT module. The solution is based on a simple temperature to a pulsed signal conversion. In the solution a voltage over an NTC is compared to a PWM ramp generating a pulsed signal with a duty ratio relative to the temperature. The pulsed signal is fed to a digital...
    IPCOM000248405D | 2016-Nov-25
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    Ein Filterelement wird auf verschiedene Weisen zwischen einem als Multizyklon ausgebildeten Gehäuseteil und einem Hauptgehäuseteil verspannt.
    IPCOM000248404D | 2016-Nov-25
  7. 47.
    The disclosure is composed of method and system for protecting integrated EV charging station which supply power for EV chargers by using utility converter or multi distributed generators (PV and Energy Storage) installed in DC bus and feeders. With the proposed protection scheme, fault detection, isolation and...
    IPCOM000248403D | 2016-Nov-25
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    IPCOM000248402D | 2016-Nov-25
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    IPCOM000248401D | 2016-Nov-25
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    IPCOM000248400D | 2016-Nov-25