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    There are different situation where we have a person interested in understanding if other people are writing or not. One of this situation could be a teacher giving a classwork to your students. There might be a student having problems with his/her classwork but being not comfortable with asking help. In this case...
    IPCOM000248399D | 2016-Nov-24
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    Wedge-shaped stator locking for an electric machine such as a generator (a doubly-fed wind generator, for example) or a motor. In the improvement, there is provided a stator locking assembly in which the support of the stator against the torque directed thereto is realized by means of one or more generally...
    IPCOM000248398D | 2016-Nov-24
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    IPCOM000248397D | 2016-Nov-24
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    IPCOM000248396D | 2016-Nov-24
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    IPCOM000248395D | 2016-Nov-24
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    IPCOM000248394D | 2016-Nov-24
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    IPCOM000248393D | 2016-Nov-24
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    IPCOM000248392D | 2016-Nov-24
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    IPCOM000248391D | 2016-Nov-24
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    A set of mechanisms allows a single wide area network (WAN) Internet Protocol (IP) address to be allocated to virtual customer premise equipment (vCPE) such that the server operating system (OS) and virtual router (vRouter) can be managed via a single WAN IP address. If the vRouter is present, customer traffic can...
    IPCOM000248390D | 2016-Nov-23