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  1. 71.
    Disclosed is a method of cognitive augmentation of voice-activated alarms based on using Internet of Things (IoT) devices and cognitive computing to determine the alarm context/purpose when users do not explicitly provide it.
    IPCOM000248379D | 2016-Nov-22
  2. 72.
    Disclosed are a method and system to project contextual holographic objects associated with home equipment and guide the user to perform proper activities in a safe manner.
    IPCOM000248378D | 2016-Nov-22
  3. 73.
    Disclosed is an idea for a wearable device for the autonomous deployment and docking of a lightweight Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The design is for a wearable docking station that charges the UAV and allows the UAV to automatically dock and undock without physical human interaction.
    IPCOM000248377D | 2016-Nov-22
  4. 74.
    A method and system is disclosed for heating and conserving water through valve controlled loop. The method and system conserves water by allowing the water to enter a fixture only when a desired water temperature is reached and alerting a user about the desired water temperature.
    IPCOM000248376D | 2016-Nov-22
  5. 75.
    Disclosed is a design for a corrugated cardboard backbone to create internal compression within a box and prevent its collapse while in the warehouse, protecting the product from damage.
    IPCOM000248375D | 2016-Nov-22
  6. 76.
    Disclosed are a method and system to enable mobile phone functionality to prompt a user to exercise, based on the required amount of exercise. Implementation is based on a points system wherein the user earns and accumulates points for exercising, stores those points in an account, and then must use the available...
    IPCOM000248374D | 2016-Nov-22
  7. 77.
    Described is an anti-counterfeiting method utilizing hydrophilic or superhydrophilic surface treatments. A hydrophilic coating is applied to the surface of an item that requires counterfeiting protection.
    IPCOM000248373D | 2016-Nov-22
  8. 78.
    Data over Conductive Coating It is an object of the present idea not to use conductive coating merely for warming up parts of a vehicle, e.g. water tubes in an aircraft. It is rather the idea to use these conductive coatings for transferring data and / or power as well. The advantage of the present idea is the...
    IPCOM000248372D | 2016-Nov-22
  9. 79.
    When using particle beam scanning technologies for irradiating potentially moving targets, problems of interplay are generally occuring. With a particle beam therapy system, the target can be irradiated multiple times by delivering so-called multiple paintings. Studies have demonstrated that in order to reduce the...
    IPCOM000248371D | 2016-Nov-22
  10. 80.
    Phosphoramidate intermediate is the key starting material in the preparation of sofosbuvir. the present disclosure relates to improved process for the preparation of Phosphoramidate intermedieate.
    IPCOM000248370D | 2016-Nov-22