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    A helix receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aid has a curved elongate case including a rear portion configured to be positioned in the helix of an ear of a hearing aid wearer, a front portion configured to be inserted into the ear canal of the ear, and a middle portion coupled between the rear portion and the front...
    IPCOM000248732D | 2016-Dec-30
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    This is an invention on the business promotion in social APPs, which intends to add a function to promote an activity in the social APP, show the progress bar for the activity, and the key point, it will highlight the head portraits of the social friends which user follows in the activity page. This will prompt the...
    IPCOM000248730D | 2016-Dec-30
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    The core idea defines a method and a framework for supporting globalized Emoji segmentation SaaS Service. The method includes a Emoji segmentation service (SaaS API, Software as a Service Application Programming Interface) integrated with NLP (Natural Language Process) segmentation modules) to segment a national text...
    IPCOM000248729D | 2016-Dec-30
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    This disclosure descirbes a new approach for making a call. When making a call, caller can proactively offer his/her name card to receiver, and can offer a voice message as well, morever the name card can be verified, so receiver can get more information about caller, then deceide if he/she should answer the call.
    IPCOM000248728D | 2016-Dec-30
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    Smart bracelet is easy to lose or be stolen no matter how tight fasten the wristband. Smart bracelet has the heart rate detecting function. This disclosure discloses a new method to anti-lost anti-theft for smart braclet by detecting heart rate. There will be a anti-lose anti-theft mode, turn on the mode, when smart...
    IPCOM000248727D | 2016-Dec-30
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    This invention helps an amateur photographer take a photo that meets the expectation of the people being photographed. When the assistant mode is on, the photographed person drags the human icon on the control panel to a desired position on the screen. After the photographer takes over the camera, he or she moves the...
    IPCOM000248726D | 2016-Dec-30
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    In this instant message and social communication software era, group chat is the most common way of sharing and communicating. However, the chat group can produce a large amount of messages in a very short time. These messages are massive and the format is various, so how to get the wanted messages quickly and...
    IPCOM000248725D | 2016-Dec-30
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    Disclosed contribution is an enhancement that comprises an incremental congestion-aware layer assignment.
    IPCOM000248724D | 2016-Dec-29
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    Disclosed is an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) type tool that uses output reports generated from other EDA timing tools, such as from static timing analysis to condense, assign, notify, track, rate, and gather statistics of timing slew violations. The disclosed tool utilizes a unique user customizable...
    IPCOM000248723D | 2016-Dec-29
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    Effect of FET source/drain resistance change on inverter's effective drive current and delay
    IPCOM000248722D | 2016-Dec-29