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    Disclosed is a system for parallel execution in graph processing systems, which holds overlapping tasks on the same central processing unit (CPU) queue to avoid cross CPU synchronization issues.
    IPCOM000248721D | 2016-Dec-29
  2. 12.
    A method and system is disclosed for creating a transaction-like protocol over a software LSA for recovering from partial writes in a storage system. The new data is written as part of the LSA writes but the references to the old data is not marked as 'Invalid' until after all the new data has been written and...
    IPCOM000248720D | 2016-Dec-29
  3. 13.
    A centrifugal impeller for a gas turbine engine includes a rotating disk with impeller blades. The trailing edges of the blades are shaped to reduce their thickness and thereby reduce the size of wakes propagating therefrom.
    IPCOM000248719D | 2016-Dec-29
  4. 14.
    This article is mainly about a new method to recognize the content the user input or pasted, and apply the most appropriate style without any extra operation. The style could be either a style the user previously used or style shared by other users. As a result, the editor can focus on the content of the note/mail...
    IPCOM000248718D | 2016-Dec-29
  5. 15.
    Disclosed is a method for localization of electrical anomalies within Integrated Circuit (IC) devices during nano-probing.
    IPCOM000248714D | 2016-Dec-28
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    This disclosure documents a methodology to help smart phone users not only locate their phones, but also protect their privacy. If the users disable the smartphone's 'Find/GPS' functions, users can have multi-options to enable them.
    IPCOM000248713D | 2016-Dec-28
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    In this article, a method of changing the brightness of part of the screen is introduced to save power for mobile devices basing on the fact that generally users are only interested in some particular parts of the screen when they are browsing mobile devices. This method will allow users to define a pattern of bright...
    IPCOM000248712D | 2016-Dec-28
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    Disclosure allows user to define a threshold for behavior change, when rows number in table is less than threshold, during load replace partition, DBMS uses index tree to delete keys one by one. When rows number in table is more than threshold in a partition, DBMS scans NPI leaf pages to delete all keys belong to...
    IPCOM000248711D | 2016-Dec-28
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    The disclosure is to provide a new method to operate smart phone more conveniently, with gyroscope and acceleration sensor in the smart phone, Smart phone can measure and track multiple serial motion traces, and then recognizes pre-defined motion traces associated with some certain System functions or Application...
    IPCOM000248710D | 2016-Dec-28
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    The invention provides a method to protect confidential information on Instant Messaging Apps by typing a secondary password anywhere without prompted authentication and utilizing it to specify what content you'd like to protect. The combination of two advantages will offer very easy hands-on experience to mobile...
    IPCOM000248709D | 2016-Dec-28