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  1. 41.
    This article presents a method and system of updating/merging moment in social application. When user posts moment in a social application, the system can: 1. Detect moments that have similar theme/type/content cognitively 2. Merge moment that have similar theme/type/content 3. Merge the corresponding comment and like...
    IPCOM000248686D | 2016-Dec-27
  2. 42.
    This invention discloses a method to deliver a message to one or multiple chat groups with high efficiency by fingers group recognising. In this method, we use different fingers to represent different chat groups, by shaking finders in front of the screen or clicking the fingers on the touch pad, our devices can...
    IPCOM000248685D | 2016-Dec-27
  3. 43.
    Currently , people use mobile phone’s camera to record the hot even which is happening around them . But only very few people could have good position to take nice picture or video , most of people could not take good picture because of unfavorable position view. This invention is trying to build system and method of...
    IPCOM000248684D | 2016-Dec-27
  4. 44.
    Nowadays, most of people are rely on mobile device to deal with business, email, and paper work. Text selection on mobile device is difficult if font size is too small or content cross multiple lines. The key idea of this invention is to select text without moving finger. It can select text automatically by sensing...
    IPCOM000248683D | 2016-Dec-27
  5. 45.
    Modern people are spending more time to respond or comment to an article or an instant message, a variety of input methods were built into the mainstream input method software which help users to input characters quickly especially for Chinese. These software can leverage both local and network lexicons and sorting...
    IPCOM000248682D | 2016-Dec-27
  6. 46.
    We introduce a new data type:fix-length varchar for relation database,Database will use less storage and improve performance with this new data type. The issue we reslove is overflow issue with traditional varchar data type.When impelement this new data type. we use fix length to store varchar data when the data...
    IPCOM000248681D | 2016-Dec-27
  7. 47.
    The main point in this invention is to use volume mapping to implement cluster which could include a set of host. Cluster will provide a easy, efficient way to manage/maintance all the hosts to a storage, and to distribute volumes to hosts. Also using volume mapping to implement cluster offers the strongly extensible...
    IPCOM000248680D | 2016-Dec-27
  8. 48.
    A system and method for reducing traffic accidents due to detectable medical conditions is disclosed.
    IPCOM000248678D | 2016-Dec-24
  9. 49.
    A method for enhancing user experience based on personalized metrics validated by historical engagement results is disclosed.
    IPCOM000248677D | 2016-Dec-24
  10. 50.
    Disclosed is a client side (either browser or computer or console) solution that safeguards against unwanted clicks on components that recently experienced a change in a user interface.
    IPCOM000248676D | 2016-Dec-24