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    IPCOM000248665D | 2016-Dec-22
  2. 62.
    Refracturing is becoming more prevalent in the oil and gas industry. It is believed that many existing vertical and horizontal wells that have been hydraulically fractured over the years may have been under stimulated during their initial completions. Technologies and processes have evolved overtime. As a result,...
    IPCOM000248664D | 2016-Dec-22
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    Due to ever increasing size of computing environments (tens or hundreds of thousands of machines) managing data about them is challenging and it demands utilization of significant processing power. Our idea is going to optimize that. Core idea is to optimize software discovery scans in the environments that have to be...
    IPCOM000248663D | 2016-Dec-22
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    Disclosed is a method Access Control List (ACL) management for document sharing that associates a document to a rule set and a rule set to a collection of rules. A rule associates a condition with the security that will be applied to the document.
    IPCOM000248662D | 2016-Dec-22
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    For unexperienced users, choosing right design for presenting the information is difficult task, therefore there is a need for a tool that helps with it, even partially, e.g. to choose/propose right color scheme for charts.
    IPCOM000248661D | 2016-Dec-22
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    Mechanism for efficient file system scanning with memory consumption limits
    IPCOM000248660D | 2016-Dec-22
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    IPCOM000248659D | 2016-Dec-22
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    Method for Establishing and Switching Between Modalities for Hearables and other Smart Devices on a Personal Area Network Hearables leverage the fact that humans innately communicate verbally making hearables a far more intuitive and less disruptive interface for computer than the small screen on a smartphone....
    IPCOM000248658D | 2016-Dec-22
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    IPCOM000248657D | 2016-Dec-22
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    The present invention provides a method for activating an uninterruptible power supply system (100) comprising at least one AC source (102), at least one DC source (104), both arranged at a power supply side (106) of the uninterruptible power supply system (100), a power output (108), arranged at a load side (110) of...
    IPCOM000248656D | 2016-Dec-22