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  1. 71.
    A method and system is disclosed for building a classifier on objects with fuzzy labels. The method and system trains the classifier on the objects with the fuzzy labels/non-exclusive labels in order to obtain higher performance objectives while performing classification.
    IPCOM000248655D | 2016-Dec-22
  2. 72.
    Disclosed are a system and method to combine geospatial data from the electricity grid with social networks to improve grid stability and save energy. This is a new application-driven method to reduce energy consumption using smart meter data to offer consumers incentives to reduce overall energy usage,...
    IPCOM000248654D | 2016-Dec-22
  3. 73.
    In isoelectric focusing electrophoresis (IEF), proteins or peptides migrate to their respective isolectric point (pI) in a gel matrix with a pH gradient. IEF is used as the first step in two-dimensional electrophoresis (where the next step is size separation of the focussed proteins in SDS-PAGE). IEF is useful to...
    IPCOM000248653D | 2016-Dec-22
  4. 74.
    IPCOM000248652D | 2016-Dec-22
  5. 75.
    The compound of formula (A), disclosed in WO-A-2015/055563, is particularly useful as a light stabilizer in plastic applications, typically plasticized halogen containing polymers, used in interior and exterior applications. Typically, such compound is incorporated in the polymer matrix in individual form or through...
    IPCOM000248651D | 2016-Dec-22
  6. 76.
    For a modern enterprise as well as the top 500 enterprises, e-form as replacing the paper is used widely. The e-forms are used in many industries (banking, communication, insurance, etc) and business domains. Now enterprise has more dependencies on e-form, e-forms were used in many areas. The e-forms even to replace...
    IPCOM000248650D | 2016-Dec-22
  7. 77.
    When you want to buy train/bus tickets in a foreign country, it's hard to buy tickets and find the train/bus locations because you don't know its languages and cannot read the signs and follow the instructions correctly. You have to ask staffs for help or you have to use a translation software to translate the...
    IPCOM000248649D | 2016-Dec-22
  8. 78.
    The idea is to setup one platform from which device's users can reinstall/reconfigure applications with help from those application's producer/creator.It provides one method to improve environment recreating performance by reusing application's creating/setup information. We can help IT dept in enterprise to give...
    IPCOM000248648D | 2016-Dec-22
  9. 79.
    In two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, the first step is to separate proteins according to their isoelectric point, preferably in a gel strip with an immobilized pH gradient, e.g. an IPG DryStrip. Next step is to place this gel strip onto a gel for size separation of the focused proteins, i.e. SDS-PAGE.
    IPCOM000248647D | 2016-Dec-22
  10. 80.
    Social application is widely used right now, and we receive a mount of messages everyday from our contacts, some topics is so hot and has been forwarded or resent for several times, so that similar messages maybe popped up from time to time, which leads to an extra cost to user, including time and money. Within this...
    IPCOM000248646D | 2016-Dec-22